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  • kritikosman

    Saber rattling!!

  • mm

    Why do we get involved in this stuff? Butt ourselves in other countries business? Why?

  • Maelstrom_19

    "unprovoked attack" and "Russia's annexation of Crimea" are phrases from the MSM handbook.

  • s DAN

    What a strong show of force...…………..Ha-ha…….

  • ItsOnlyaFleshWound

    Just goes to show how FAST this could ESCALATE should Russia and Ukraine continue on this path toward war. USA is supplying Ukraine with weapons, and sanctioning Russia due to Crimea. Plus operating close to Russian forces in Syria. More DANGEROUS than even Cold War maybe.

  • bobhope01

    As reported by the bbc, the treaty between Ukraine and Russia regarding transit of the Kerch strait gives Russia complete authority to stop and search any and all Ukrainian sea traffic. So - what happened here? Did the ukranian vessels refuse to abide by that agreement, or did the Russians simply hinder and seize them without warning. I have yet to see a clear answer on that, and that is central.

  • Furrmin The Cat

    The US flew a plane overhead?
    That will teach Russia a lesson right?
    Much stronger that a tweet!

  • horseplay

    Independent of Trump's input? We hope.

  • OtherMrNiceGuy

    Make sure there are fighter escorts.

  • oaguilar

    A plane flies over Ukraine and that somehow is a response to Russia, which is a different country.

  • BassPlyr73 Again

    Hopefully the flight was able to spot some of Hillary's 33,000 emails...