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  • Ashes69

    He's just trying to undue anything, EVERYTHING that the Obama's ever touched just to prove his twisted point, which will effect these kids adversely, which he cares nothing about. He thinks by undoing any good the previous administration did, thinking he can do it better, is just to stroke his own ego, and nothing more. And everyone sees right through his lame tricks. It's all about him, always has been, always will be.

  • BrianDamage

    The government is clueless when it comes to nutrition, regardless of which administration is in charge. The FDA, USDA, AHA, etc., guidelines are killing the American people, staring with our children. Over-weight, obese and diabetic has become the norm in our country as a result!

  • Charles Cantrell

    These pictures of stuff like taco salads and stuff are misleading, back in school we had NOTHING that looked this good. Some of us had to stick to the Salad bar to get anything decent looking when we could even afford to eat lunch.

  • Phil B.

    Enjoy your balogna sandwiches and Kraft Mac and Cheese kids. :/

  • mrstoniwTEXAS

    Definitely putting politics before good, common sense. Someone should put a stop to this!