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  • Kristian Sordo

    He seemed credible enough until I got to the part where he, like all Trump apologists, is still stuck on the Clintons. Let it go already. I doubt his nomination will be as smooth this time around.

  • John bailey

    This man is smart, he knows what kind of investigation Mueller is capable of conducting with all the evidence and details. I don't sense that he is someone who dabbles in the crazy non-sense that defines trump and his band of followers. He is coming in to restore credibility to the DOJ. The investigation is done. The secrets, crimes and lies are known. Mr. Barr is not going to let his reputation be stained by a wanna be dictator who was a former reality tv star.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Fine if they want to waste some more taxpayers money chasing something to hang on Hillary. Based on what I have seen, it is a nothingburger - but what is a few million to confirm that? That is likely what got Trump on board with Barr.

    I can see the Comey position... it was believable until Trump made it clear he had other reasons for it. As long as he is undecided on the Mueller probe and will let the rule of law dictate his actions.

    In general, what I want to see is not something I imagine Trump wants to see - someone who believes in the rule of law and following the Constitution. My only real concern is "why is Trump on board with this guy?"

  • Nearl56 12

    Seems competent, but sounds a lot like a political loyalist.

  • Southern CT

    He will be confirmed easily. There will be the usual noise, but it will flow through and maybe even get some Democrats votes.

  • Bud Simpson

    "Trump said Barr was his "first choice from day one"..."

    Which is why he appointed Whitaker, at least until his criminal activities came to light. You'd think that since Trump lies so often he'd actually be good at it, but then you'd be thinking wrong.


  • Alex Ross

    Trump made that decision - what could go wrong?

    Trump U., Trump steaks, water, board game, airlines, vodka, magazine, casino's and coal ALL have one thing in common. Trump and FAILURE.

  • Carl Joseph

    Can't really imagine someone who'd be easier to confirm

  • kobrakai6868

    Can we not fill a single opening in any major government agency who doesn’t believe in ridonculous conspiracy theories?

  • BD70

    So now we know why Trump wants to nominate Barr.

  • Nick

    Qualified, but heavily biased...got it.

  • foldincaulfield

    In a May 2017 op-ed in The Washington Post, Barr argued President Trump made the right call in firing FBI director James Comey... Barr told The New York Times in November of last year he believed that there was more justification for the Department of Justice to investigate Clinton’s role in approving a 2010 sale of U.S. uranium stockpiles to a Russian energy company in what is commonly known as the “Uranium One” deal, than for investigating any potential collusion between President Trump and Russians.

    If you're too busy to read the entire article, this is all you need to know about this guy.

  • Prophet With Honor

    He has plenty of experience, and seems to have a clean record
    "you criticized the Mueller staff for making political donations, have you ever made a partisan political donation?"
    "you have stated clearly that Roe v Wade was a bad decision, do you advocate that it be overturned or otherwise nullified?"
    "do you believe that administrative processes that fully comply with law and regulation should be overturned based on a contrary political philosophy?"
    "is your ultimate loyalty to the Nation, the People, and the Constitution or to other groups, individuals, and doctrines?"

    Let's not play softball.

  • Thao D

    He is good attorney general and loyal

  • Flipper 6666

    Speaking of Uranium One:
    Excerpts from ABC News What you need to know about the Uranium One deal By Justin Fishel Nov 14, 2017, 5:30 PM ET:
    "Uranium One was the name of the Canadian company with large uranium stakes in North America and overseas — including some in the U.S. — that was purchased by the Russian energy giant, Rosatom, with the blessing of the Obama administration. "
    "The Uranium One deal was approved in 2010 under the Obama administration, but it was not approved by the State Department alone.
    In fact, the Department of Treasury led an interagency group called the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S., which considers input from nine members, including representatives the Departments of State, Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce, Energy and the White House. The committee reviews foreign investments that could pose national security risks.
    Given the wide ranging input, approval of this sale could not have been Clinton's doing alone. "
    "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission stipulated that "no uranium produced at either facility [in Wyoming] may be exported." The NRC added that stockpiles cannot leave Canada without the approval of the United States. If exceptions were made, uranium could not be used to make nuclear weapons, pursuant to preexisting nuclear cooperation agreements with Russia. "
    "Recently the DOJ has cleared an FBI informant to talk to Congress about his undercover efforts to learn more about the Russian nuclear deals in North America.
    It's unclear what he knows, but the mere existence of this informant has helped fuel speculation there were corrupt dealings involving Clinton"

  • Truthfully

    Uranium, emails or Russia?? Which is should be the most concerning??

    Russia meddling in the American Elections seems extremely Serious! But barr goes to uranium?? Like Clinton had any control over it.

  • David Leja

    The USS Trump is sinking fast and he's desperate to control the outcome. Trump is on his way out, but his stubborn narcissistic self doesn't understand the concept of resigning with dignity.

  • Former Earthling

    I heard the circus is in need for more clowns.

  • snake

    Barr will face a confirmation hearing in the Senate and be asked his views on Mueller and many other things. We will find out where he stands on Justice Department independence from the president during these hearings. These answers will show where Mr. Barr stands on the Constitution.

  • Joshua

    Seems like a great choice! Well done Trump!

  • Sir Real

    Uranium One, drink!

  • Cherry

    Interesting timing - right after the man he served under dies. Maybe he knew certain facts would go to the grave with GHWB and now he's a safer pick?

  • A Man Has No Name

    Why would Trump pick someone that actually sounds qualified? Unless he's just another Trump boot licker?