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  • MP

    This picture ABC News used clearly shows the media's bias against her, make her look like an air head. All the new media also decided to use unflattering pictures of Kraninger in an effort to malign her. You can disagree with her views or policies, but c'mon, she's actually a very attractive woman. That's not an opinion of mine, ask any random set of 100 individuals and 90% would agree with that general statement. To make her look unattractive is just plain partisan.

  • George286

    Probably true, she is there to neuter the agency, but the whole complaint about Trump separating families is one long raft of Lefty-lying. 'Separating families' is what happens whenever parents are incarcerated anywhere, the existing law made no allowance for keeping them together, the existing law basically never anticipated that anyone would enforce the law itself. Result: families separated, out-party wailing over the calculated cruelty of it all, purely deceitful political theater.

  • TexWho

    The most corrupt administration in history

  • mountainlady

    Another totally unqualified addition to the Trump menagerie. Well, at least the GOP is consistent. They've pretty well destroyed protection for workers, so now they'll destroy consumer rights. It's an invitation for businesses to cheat and steal. Every day folks can expect NOTHING from this administration and that's pretty much what they're getting.