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  • snake

    The vote is expected as early as Wednesday, but a spokesman for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cautioned that nothing will move forward until there is agreement on the structure of the debate and a narrow window of time in which to conduct that business. Leadership is anxious that the Senate floor not get bogged down in the waning days of the lame-duck session.

    TRANSLATION: Nothing will get done and this is all rhetoric by the GOP to show they don't like the Saudi murder but Trumps cult will not let them do their Constitutional responsibilities.

  • Vernon

    MBS has been very clear. Trump may punish him for Khashoggi by not refueling aircraft in midair. Our Coalition leader is wise and fair. If we intend to keep our half dozen slow-simmering wars, we better to listen to him.

    America has never had so many wars without objectives, goals or even a mission statement. For almost a decade after Vietnam, we had no wars at all. If we are not careful with MBS it could happen again.

    ...and it's not just the wars. Saudi Arabia is an experienced and canny donor to our Republicans and Democrats. Our politicians could lose hundreds of million of dollars for 2020.

  • OtherMrNiceGuy

    Every time I see starving babies in Yemen I want the powers that be dead, destroyed and civilization itself to be knocked back to the stone ages.

    When people are too concerned about staying alive by hunting / gathering, there will be a lot less of this kind of human induced misery.

    Of course there will be starvation through natural means, but humanity will survive.

    I don't think humanity can survive the way we are going.

  • RedSoxPatriotsCelticsBruinsFan

    Kashoogi was stupid walking into a Saudi embassy. lets move on.

  • Ashmedai

    I am sure every Saudi citizen knows the consequences of slandering the royal family. It is none of our business.

  • Forward forward

    All of this huffing and puffing is aimed at 2020. Republican senators know that nothing will come of this. Trump would veto anything that harmed his personal benefactors, and not implement anything they overrode. They also know the Senate map in 2020 is a lot more favorable to Democrats than 2018 was. Dems won 24 of the 35 contested 2018 seats. An even split in 2020 and the Senate turns blue.

  • rick315

    It seems to me that before one gets to vote on the nature of the "punishment" {or post inane comments} there should be a vetting process..... a simple question 1 ] Who is Machiavelli?

  • kritikosman

    The trump apparatus is complicit.

  • Timulculin

    If we want to retain any of our credibility which is quickly slipping away as it is, we have to do something.

  • Thao D

    If Saudi Arabia has kill Khashoggi,the world want to sanction Saudi Arabia.Communist(china and Vietnam) has killed a lot of people .The world has blind the eyes

  • BurmeseDude

    If Lindsey Graham says MbS has "holy hell" to pay, that's probably a type of drink that they offer at Trump golf course.

  • mm

    There is really nothing they can do to this man, he has so much money I am sure he isn't worried. We can't even bring people to justice from other countries that steal our identities, and hack our systems, it's impossible. What can our government do? Nothing,, nothing at all. Don't let reporters go into these countries. If they do they take their chances, this guy was against the Prince from the get go, and he goes over there, really?

  • TexWho

    Trump wants to fire old McConnell for failing to bring the GOP senators into compliance with the White House agenda.

  • Forward forward

    Baloney. Our foreign policy operates in order to personally benefit the bank account of this president and his family. Mr Trump would veto anything that Congress would send to his desk, and not implement anything that they overrode. These senators can huff and puff all they want, and Mr Trump will be looking out for Mr Trump first, last and always.