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  • Mona

    Contrary to what many of these stories want you to believe, it's not just the gas tax, The French have recently been taxed and taxed to death, and this is just the straw breaking the camel's back. The country has a high rate of illegal immigration, with a generous welfare state, and the "redistribution of wealth" has reached saturation point. It's a wake up call to the ardent socialists, of Maggie Thatcher's observation that socialism is great until you run out of other people's money.
    NBC news has a detailed article today by Saphora Smith detailing this- obviously this site forbids links.

  • Mike Hogan

    It's frustrating that average Joe reader here in America doesn't get the full story. Is the working class truly getting screwed on taxes while the wealthy get the breaks? Or are the protesters mainly a bunch of thugs who want to freeload off the government? We'll likely never know. All we can do is form an opinion based on stories like this.

  • Jon

    I wont be parking my truck in Paris this weekend...

  • Sir Real

    Our police force would be busting a lot of heads.

  • Uptownman

    Of course, no mention in the article that this fiasco is based solely on Macron's attempt to impact climate change by making everyone pay more for fuel. This will pale in comparison to what would happen here if that was tried.

  • Hank R

    I wonder if the latest fuel tax has anything to do with this nonsense.

  • Omegacron

    I hate Yellow Jackets. They chase me across the yard and they sting. Yellow Jackets understand one thing, and that's violence.

  • just saying

    i think they would accomplish more by singing.

  • Rebecca Hancock

    This is a simple result of thr government trying to take away benefits and increase the tax on the average Joe so the wealth can get more money.
    In the States we cheer this way of life. In France they fight back and say NO.

  • Logic and Reason

    I hope those were their cars they destroyed. Its really hard to support them when half of the people in that photo are laughing, and smiling. All I see are a bunch of young adults being rowdy under the guise of protest.

  • FasterBadger

    I hope the protesters weren't planning to tip over the Eiffel Tower.

  • L. Gray

    It is interesting to see how much safety equipment is owned by the average french person. I wonder if that is because they have an overly paternal government. They riot with safety vests, safety googles, and reflective tape. I sure hope they wear proper footwear and ear protection for their riots.

  • Bertd

    A result of too much government and taxes pushed too far ..... a good lesson to remember.

  • mycentstoo

    I could get behind this if it weren't a bunch of socialists protesting higher taxes. When are they going to figure out that socialism is expensive? Pay attention, America.

  • NewsJunkie12

    They seem snobby, but you don't wanna be around when the French get riled up and take to the streets. Sometimes they start lopping off heads.

  • Rubber Banned

    Sounds more like a planned riot than a protest. This is just a mob that wants to destroy.