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  • Sundown

    Human garbage. This world has too much.

  • David Hoffman

    Lots of job openings advertised out there in a relatively decent economy and we still have this.

  • CaptnBlynd

    Another one we will not execute. Average time served for murder, 7.5 years. He will likely be out on parole before he is 30.

  • Hank Kelly

    How sad. You can be doing the most mundane and routine things and some nut job can take your life.

  • ShadowBanned Tier 1 Operative

    Maryland not sending us their best.

  • claudia dunkirk

    Suspect used a gun? Wow, I'm just shocked!

  • just saying

    Baltimore! some things don't change.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Meeting a stranger in a vacant house is risky. Had a gruesome kidnapping/murder locally a few years back due to a similar situation.

  • John S. Henchey

    When a suspect is arrested for an offense the Police are quick to point out every detail of him and present THEIR evidence to the media. The media generally presents the Police version as FACT.
    When the Police kill someone, there are no details. Only that it is "Under investigation"

  • Thomas

    That was fast work. Good job

  • ShawnLetwin

    worthy of national news?...with that said, care and comfort to the victims family and friends..sad and tragic

  • Thomas

    Showing a house to strangers puts the representative in a vulnerable position .

  • Robin

    Female friend of mine who was a real estate agent always packed when she did open houses.