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  • Thinker

    Mueller Investigation cost 1.56 Millions a Month, started May 2017 and ended May 2019, total of 24 month which covered salaries, special equipment locations, labs, translators, etc. if you didn't follow common core and you can do math it comes to 37.44 Million, the president is saying 40 Million, to me it's a rough estimate.
    Where do I get this? If you see this article it says that to the date September 2018 the total was 25 Million and it extended 8 more month, check how much a month is 25 Millions divided 16 month and then just multiply the rest of the month from September 2018 to May 2019, your total will be 1.56. CNN is and main stream media are a bunch of liars or think you guys can't do math.

  • ReviewTheFacts

    Trump's cost to the American taxpayers in loss of insurance, in increase in hate crimes, in plundering the treasury to give billionaires and mega-corporations a tax free-for-all, TRILLIONS. Lock Him UP!

  • sditalian503

    Manafort, Cohen, Papadopoulos... President Trump brought these slime ball crooks to Washing with him, after pledging to "drain the swamp" and boasting that he only hires the best people. Maybe Trump should reimburse American taxpayers -- who actually understand what it's like to put in an honest day's work -- for the expense of exposing these people as the crooks that they are.

  • Mikhail

    Can Mueller so this thing permanently? He's doing a fabulous job!

  • Stephen McCandless

    $25 million vs annual debt of $ 1 Trillion per year--- or $1 trillion tax break to the top 2% of earners -- or to steal an election decided by a foreign government for $25 MM is as the Donald would say "Chump Change" or should that read 'Trump Change'...

  • JustaGuy_JustaThought

    I'm just here to laugh at all the people who moaned and groaned about investigations into the benghazi tragedy costing too much money that are now cheering on the endless spending by the special counsel.

    It's people like you that helped elect Trump and the best part is that you will keep on keeping on.

  • briteleaf

    The total cost of the border mission will be an estimated $210 million under current plans, according to the Associated Press. 5,900 troops sit in tents in the desert DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING at taxpayer expense. I'd say the 25 million spent on the Special Investigation has been well-spent.

  • Bear

    Hey, ABC, what is wrong with saying Donnie can't count? I've seen worse stuff on the current thread.

  • Bear

    So, now Donnie can't count. Does he have any skills?

  • Chuck

    Trump worship rallies to date have cost taxpayers almost 20 million dollars. This for absolutely nothing but to boost the ego of the Orange Clown. 25 million for the Mueller investigation is a bargain as there are actually dedicated people working every day.

  • Independent

    From the numbers I have seen, it looks like Mueller is bringing in more money than he is spending on outside investigators.

    No matter - whatever the cost is its worth it

  • Pologize3

    Still cheaper than Donald's golf trips.

  • Holmes

    I want a Job where I can get a blank check!

  • arlecchino

    Mueller also recovered $48 millions in tax evasion from these crooks, almost double what he spent.

  • SBTruth

    Let us know when it's over. We are tired of the endless details. Drip, drip, drip.......

  • jas00

    When all is said & done, I suspect Trump will realize that becoming president is the worst thing to ever happen to him.

  • Keshava Aumritum

    worth every penny. Americans need to know if a jerk and criminal is running the country.

  • pete39

    You break it down like the money comes from different sources.
    While it may come from different budgets, it all comes from only one source - the American taxpayer!
    $2 or $200 million, it could all be better spent.

  • easternshore

    The investigation is well on its way to making a big profit from the Manafort forfeitures and others to come.

  • badhairpiece

    25 mill is a pittance compared to what we are paying for Trump's weekly visits to his resort properties.

  • Justbkind16

    Manafort's forfeiture of real estate and cash is estimated to be worth between 42 and 46 million. So, in essence, this investigation will probably turn a profit. But don't take my word for it, it's just verifiable fact.

  • AlexaGuyer

    BREAKING NEWS: Melania Trump has just purchased a gold leash and muzzle for Chubby's Christmas present. The First Escort has also asked the Obama's if she can spend the holidays with a REAL president. The Obama's graciously declined, stating that they did not want to expose their daughters to this kind of element.

  • Jiba

    worth it removing venom from our system

  • I Think

    On the other hand, trump's golf has cost us all $85 million.

  • Gravis

    I'm happy to donate some more if it will help

  • DWitney

    STFW, GOP wasted 75 million on votes they knew would fail just for grandstanding - GOP is the party of waste.

  • Rusty Writer

    Headline should read "Mueller investigation on track to pay for itself and puts tens of millions into government coffers" (from fines and forfeited property by Trump's crooked cronies)

  • Arryandan

    Pretty CHEAP! Watergate was $166,000,000. And produced only two infractions. This one is draining the swamp, like Trump promised. I don't think Trump considered himself part of the swamp, but, there it is.

  • TaDa!

    Good bang for the buck... Considering that it is about the same amount spent for Eight(8) of Trump's golf trips!

  • Cammosutra

    Money well spent if you ask me. As opposed to President Turnip's wall. And House Speaker Ryan collected over $500,000 on the tax reform bill! I wonder how much the Koch brothers made on that?

  • Holmes

    Bill Donald for attorneys fees!

  • Bill Harney

    The Democratic Party isn't concerned about the cost because they don't have to pay for it the taxpayers are stuck with the bill.
    Don't forget the Party slogan that Obama insisted the Party to live by The Party to be 1st before the People. Since then that's why since Trump got into Office the Republican Party hasn't lifted a finger to do there job for the People. There push to hype the Party which has been working was and still is to lye, cheat, manipulate there followers and to get the media to push there agenda any meams possible to keep manipulating there followers and forming ANTIFA and BLM to push there agenda as well. These tactics of manipulation are right out of the instruction manual to take control to turn to be a Communist Nation (Obama's First World Order) under a Dictatorship to strip We The People of all there Freedoms to give full control of the People to the Government and the 1%ers. As Obama stated America needs to go with the One World Order because the People aren't capable to take care of themselves. In other words the One World Order will control your total lives the way they see fit.

  • barbarakelly

    Mueller is finished -dirty cop. He deleted text message from phones and that is a crime in my book ---one sided. He is doing anything to nail Trump. He needs to be fired., he has found nothing . Trump has already been found innocent of Collusion. Enough of spending our money .---2 yrs of nothing . That money could have been spent on the wall.!!!

  • brickmette

    No problem. Let Mexico pay for it.