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  • Mhu Cao

    Trump can declare an emergency and should. There is no rational reason to not build a barrier in the areas where DHS and CBP say we need a barrier. You may not like it but he has the authority to do it, and the ability to shuffle allocated funds for what the people need.

  • Susan Hof

    Its NOT an emergency to anyone other than the president because he isn't getting his way!! He has been and still is a spoiled child that when he doesn't get his way he throws a tantrum and starts calling in the guards!! Its time we get rid of him and get someone that KNOWS what he is doing and not just doing or wants to do things because he has "president" think he has the power! He's no more a REAL LEADER than my dog and she can only lead when she is smelling food!!

  • inonepeice

    President Trump wants to declare a national emergency over the border. Can he do that?
    I wish he would just shut up and quit yakking about and do it. What a drama queen.

  • John bailey

    So we spend $5BN on this wall and they use tunnels or climb over the wall. How does this make sense.

  • Pro-Marx

    Trump once famously declared that "Mexico is sending us their criminals and rapists."
    Ironic how close we came to sending one back this week during his visit to the border...

  • Jen Bordon

    Why does Trump hate America?

  • 1KRats

    No question. Not only a pr stunt but a CLASSIC DOG AND PONY SHOW. Has anyone watched Goldie Locks golden locks when the wind blows? The amount of money he spends on hair spray could pay for the wall.

  • Marine Dad05

    Trump refused the $25 billion for the Wall offered by the Democrats, and now he wants the $5.7 billion for the Wall.
    If he doesn't get this, then he's going declare a National Emergency.
    He may do that, and actually (if there's any money left) wind up with probably less than $2 billion.

    In the end, he'll want more, and he ain't getting it. The Wall, for what it's worth will be largely unfinished, and the money wasted.

  • mollydtt

    Negotiating doesn’t work when the pres doesn’t know how negotiating is supposed to work.
    Or doesn’t show up.

  • mollydtt

    Wasnt it the gov of Arizona that told people that couldn’t afford to pay for a doctor visit that they should barter? She said people used to bring a chicken.

  • 1KRats

    There's no doubt the Donkey and Elephants want border security. All of us want the security. What we're down to now is semantics. All Goldie Locks has to do is present a plan and not include the name "wall". Install more fencing even with razor wire atop, hire more border personnel, buy more equipment; patrol SUV's, ATV's and make use of the excellent technology available. Now when you add up all this you are spending substantial dollars in a very effective efficient way not to mention helping the economy. It's not rocket science. It's Goldoe Locks ego.

  • southwestfan

    Hey Trump, is your own federal employees having to go to food banks in order to have something to eat, part of Making American Great Again?

  • mrphilbert

    Now he's saying he wants to take the funds from things like flood mitigation and disaster relief. Basically he's telling flood prone States that they're on their own just when they need it most. I wonder how they are feeling about their voting choices now?

  • kcmookie

    In order for Trump to declare an emergency, he would have to have a plan to enact. If he had a plan, he would be presenting it, but he doesn't, he is simply demanding money for it. So once again, he has painted himself further into a corner. Trump declares an emergency, and then what? Start the process of taking people's land? Start building East and move West? Anybody? Anything? I don't even want it challenged in court until he begins setting anything in motion, because this national embarrassment has no idea what he is doing, and no idea how to move forward on anything, and has absolutely nothing to offer the american people.

  • inonepeice

    Trump's national emergency at the border is a hoax.

  • I Luv U

    " Let them eat cake"