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  • mtntrek3

    More evidence that Trump just wants to order everyone around... he is king and no one/nothing else matters.

  • Richard Matthews

    Mexico's "Corps of Engineers"?

  • c0reDump

    "No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time."
    -- US Constitution, Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7

    A President can not spend a single penny without Congress' authorization.

    *drops mic*

  • Top shelf

    'Peaches"? How about we call it "take your stupid wall idea and jam it up your a$$"?

  • mollydtt

    Is this an emergency in the same way as when someone calls 911 when they don’t get enough french fries?

  • mollydtt

    Trump may “think” he doesn’t have temper tantrums, but....

    Just wait until Mueller drops a few more subpoenas, etc. — those arms will be flailing, pounding the air, his voice 3 octaves higher, louder, faster....

    Pence might even raise an eyebrow or blink.

  • ogrot

    Rob the emergency FEMA money from purple states! What a masterclass in politics Trump turned out to be.

  • allworld

    So they also need to find money for a parade?

  • ctla567

    That means they'll go to Mexico but make sure Mexico doesn't write the check to Trump, he'll put the check into his own pocket and walks away from the whole thing and very pleased. But the check should be for US government who will build the wall.

  • pprty

    Good businessmen check out the details BEFORE introducing their objective. Trump never does. That's why he slip-slides his way through a muddled mess and winds up being a fool.

  • JuPMod

    Boy, Trump is sooo ignorant when it comes to how our government works. Most of that $13 billion the Army Corps have is already slated for projects green-lighted for them to do. Only *less* than 2 billion or so is free for any other projects for the future. And as this article stated, the Corps can only do 300 miles or so. So where will the rest of the money come from? Uh-huh, the American public. Anyone have to be fool to see Trump's plans, to go around Congress, is not going to succeed.

  • mm

    I can't get too excited about what Trump's demands are, they change on a daily basis, and will be overridden by the House and shot down. He needs to give it a rest.

  • tet1953

    We got rid of the red here in Maine in November: blue House, blue Senate and blue governor. Let's do that nationally in 2020!

  • foldincaulfield

    Right. Well, there’s a couple ways to think about it. One is the
    things that they are not doing. And the agencies are not doing a lot, as
    you were describing earlier. So, the EPA has
    cut back on routine inspections of plants and toxic facilities. The Food
    and Drug Administration is not doing its regular inspections of food
    packaging facilities. The pipeline safety agency is scaling back its
    inspections. The Securities and Exchange Commission is more or less shut
    down, which means it’s not really able to investigate anything. The
    efforts at the Federal Communication Commission—or, the Federal Trade
    Communication to monitor ongoing consumer fraud, shut down. So, all this
    stuff is happening, and the corporations who were normally being
    inspected or held into account at least a little bit by government
    enforcement, it’s free rein for them right now. And there’s really no
    avenue of redress for consumers, for these very immediate things that
    are happening.

    You know, maybe one of the most worrisome ones, in addition to TSA,
    is at the Federal Aviation Administration, where inspection of
    airplanes, the routine inspection by the government, has been suspended.
    The companies still do their own inspection, but, you know, I feel a
    lot safer knowing that the government is independently doing
    inspections. And that’s not happening. So, that’s one whole huge

    The other category is things that are still going on by these workers
    who—these employees who are forced to work even though they’re not
    being paid. That’s a huge number of government functions. It’s not
    possible for people who are not being paid to do their job well. It just
    has to be the case, if you’re worried about paying your bills, your
    credit card, what you’re going to do with your kids, you’re upset, and
    you’re not focused on the job, and you’re not going to do as good a job.
    So, the air traffic controllers are still at work, but they’re not
    being paid, and you’ve got to worry about how well they’re able to do
    their job. You’ve reported it also, you know, at the border. The border
    agents are not being paid right now. So, it has to be that they’re going
    to be worse at their job, more brutal, shorter-tempered and so on. And
    as this drags on, it’s going to get more and more severe.

    - democracynow

  • foldincaulfield

    Money to repair roads and bridges and make sure dams don't collapse? Or to initiate a nation-wide public transportation plan that would encourage millions to leave their cars at home when they travel?

    Nah - those aren't emergencies.

  • mh

    Let the states pay for this. If the citizens of each of the border states want the wall let them vote on it in 2020 and let them fund their own wall. We will really see how many people want a wall when their taxes go up (or start taking state taxes from Texas).

  • Starderup

    Army Corps of Engineers is not good news. They know how to throw up stuff in a hurry and leave, but the residents and homeowners in the affected areas are not going to be happy. Let's just say that the environment is not a primary consideration of theirs.

  • sh0000

    It's not like America doesn't need those 50 disaster relief projects.

  • GarfieldRocks

    Good luck with the Army Corps of Engineers, Donald. I've had to deal with those people and I'm here to say that they wake up in a new world every day.

  • tet1953

    I just read about something really bizarre. It's history repeating or truth imitating art or something. Just weird.
    In the late 50s, there was this western marshall type series called "Trackdown" starring Robert Culp. In an episode from 1958 called "The End of the World", a con man named Walter Trump comes to town. He tries to convince the townspeople the end of the world is coming apparently, and to convince them to build a wall around their town. Here is a quote from Walter Trump, found on IMDb:
    "I am the only one. Trust me! I can build a wall around your homes that nothing can penetrate."
    Is that crazy or what?

  • Bree Zee

    "It's 100% yes, but you know, not 100% completely, but exactly 100% I'll scream and rant and hold my breath until everyone agrees I'm right then I'll lie some more and tell everyone I didn't say what I said because I said what I didn't mean but they should have known I didn't mean it because I lie a lot. I mean A LOT."

  • Timehascome

    First off...this Article is still yesterday's News...but Secondly...we all (most of us) know that Trump is just as Stupid today as he was yesterday...& all the way back to the early 80's. Trump has...Just reached a higher level of Stupid is all...MAX STUPID.
    Thirdly...I heard mind you that...Trump is now asking for "Private Property/Beware of Dogs" signs placed at the Border if he can't get his Wall.
    I say to Nancy & Chuck..."SAY NO!" Any animal that is used to promote a Trump Idea is...Cruelty to Animals!!

  • Don Roy

    This he said, she said BS is getting old. Both sides have dug in and keep making the hole deeper and deeper. Time for the Democrats to give trump his wall in exchange for a pathway for citizenship and other intelligent border security measures. If our great leaders can't come up with a compromise bill then we as a country are in deep trouble.


    He truly thinks he's king.

  • mollydtt

    The McConnell Shutdown. Call it what it is.

    Even if Trump vetoed a bill that would open the government, the senate can’t take any vote, and can’t override a presidential veto.

    I guess we’ll have to wait until January 2021 to end the shutdown. No help from the GOP.

  • RettasVegas


  • RettasVegas


  • John Michael Davis

    Maybe he should allow people to buy 1 slat each and have their names on it, like when places sell bricks for park paths and stuff and people get their name on the bricks. It would save either Mexico or America a lot of money and it would provide a permanent record of his racist backwoods supporters.

  • harmony

    Why wasn't he so adamant about getting his wall when the Republicans controlled the House and Senate?

  • Reply

    Let me get this straight ... The president screams "national emergency," then wants to use security and emergency military funds to erect a self-aggrandizing monument? And we're so much more safer, how?

  • Dr. Gurnicus Blanstonius

    And in 2020, just IMAGINE what a Democratic president with the new powers of KING will do to the right wingers? … camps for the criminally stupid (wearing red hats), seize all guns... open up new Abortion clinics nationwide...
    Divert funds from the military to Transgender conversion facilities...lol
    Yeah, Congress controlling spending is so...so....yesterday...right?

  • notagain

    lol More smoke and mirrors. They have to deal with landowners and other lawsuits first. McConnell has suggested that he might introduced a bill in the senate for them to take a week off! This is your hard GOP at work. Who owns this shutdown? Trump and the GOP.