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  • sixstrings

    the lawsuit isn't questioning the authority of the legislature to limit the governor in this manner...it questions the procedure used to exercise that authority.

    this raises the question as to why the state constitution grants such authority to the legislature in the first place.


    This just shows that Republicans don't care about Democracy. They only care about being in full control of everything no matter what the people want.

  • carcar

    It's like the Republicans seem desparate or something.

  • Kirby

    The "tantrum throwing" happened immediately after Republicans lost the election and decided to move power around so it would be as if they had won.

  • Truthful Opinion

    Republicans are sick human beings look at whats going on in NC 9th congressional district. Republican Mark Harris hires a felon that hired people to collect absentee ballots which is illegal. Votes were changed and some ballots were tossed in the trash to help Mark Harris win the US House seat. The NC GOP want Harris certified the winner anyway even though the election fraud investigation is still going on. You can bet your last dollar that if a Democrat had committed this kind of fraud and won would the GOP still want that person certified.......NO!

  • Moonshine Creek

    Waa, Waa, Waa. We didn't win so we're changing the rules. Who is the sore losers? In my eyes, it's no one but the GOP. I swear, today's republicans are the biggest babies. Keep voting them out America!!!

  • david

    The democratic party of WI are sore losers? You GOP cowards put this together AFTER YOU LOST, so who is the sore loser? This will all be overturned in due time, but not before causing a lot of problems. In the end, the real tragedy will be how much taxpayer $$ will be wasted having to sue the Traitorous GOP to overturn this ludicrous legislation.... Anyone that can support the GOP in it's current state is nothing but a traitor to this country, plain and simple.

  • snake

    North Carolina passed similar laws a few years ago after they lost the governorship and they are gradually being reversed by the state Supreme Court. If WI has election of the judges these laws will also be reminded.