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  • JuicyJessica

    I swear to gawd, something lives in this mans mouth.

  • WGS

    wondering how much of this was strictly procedural and within standard practice - and how much was trump tapping someone on the shoulder...?

  • The Outlier

    CHARGE HIM WITH CONTEMPT. Compel his testimony from PRISON. I don't know how Congress plans on getting anywhere when they have NO TEETH.

  • Thomas

    I guess answering half of the questions is the new bar?


    Trump regime just loves them some Russia. Just how much does Trump owe them? If anything, they need MORE sanctions, not less.

  • mikevietvet68/69

    moe green look-a-like is one of the cogs in the money wheel,wonder if he goes under also when all hades breaks lose on feb.7th.

  • __Epimenides

    Why does this administration continually genuflect before Putin and his thugs?

  • Truthfully

    Crooked trump family strikes again against the AMERICAN People!!!

    When will trump supporters realize trumps ONLY reason he is president is Russia?

  • wd65

    Mnuchin should just say that Trump is being blackmailed and needs to payoff the Russians.

  • WhosVoice

    #TeamTreason is looking out for the interest of Russia. There is no one in this administration looking out for Americans.

  • ArghONaut

    The Trump administration. The most unAmerican in history. The amount of behavior that appears suspect if not blatantly treasonous is breathtaking.