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  • William Harkey

    If I were in the House I'd send a Bill a day to the Senate until Friday, then I'd send two a day.

  • notagain

    Who owns he shutdown? Trump and the GOP! McConnell actually suggested putting up a bill in the senate for them take a vacation for a week! "The Democrats wanted votes on measures passed in the House last week.
    McConnell rejected the effort immediately, calling it "pointless, absolutely pointless."

  • hucky01

    Right now McConnell owns the shut down! By not letting it come to a vote due to his lack of confidence that the President would veto it and the Senate would overide the veto. It is all on Mitch!

  • Rose McFrog

    With Mitch and *President Trump so diametrically opposed to anything that doesn't include a shut-down, I think I can safely conclude this is only about power and money. Are Mitch's in-laws planning to send an RFP to the same Chinese steel company that was used for part of the Keystone XL pipeline project?

  • BarbaraM

    Which Congressional Leaders have refused to receive a paycheck - choosing to stand with those 800,000 workers not receiving a paycheck today? If it remains true that Trump chose not to take a salary while in office, that would be 1 republican. any others?

  • Weazerdogg

    McConnell won't let the chance of Trumpy's veto being overridden because he KNOWS it would be the end of his presidency. Mitch McConnell is a bigger traitor than trumph.

  • ReviewTheFacts

    There is only one answer now. Trump needs to be removed. It may be painful for the Republicans, but it's the olnly way. He's insane. He's proven it with just about every tweet.

    He thinks that a wall will stop people from flying into the US on commercial planes and overstay their visas; that the only way that drugs come in to the US is on the backs of immigrants, not hidden in commercial imports at legal ports of entry; that every immigrant is a member of a gang or a Muslim terrorist (no matter if they're from Honduras or Guatemala); and he believes that the US population is to be held hostage until he gets his outlandish pipe dream.


  • kend1

    build the wall. #MAGA

  • Ctrygrl

    Earlier Thursday, Senate Democrats, led by Minority Leader Chuck
    Schumer, attempted to ask for unanimous consent to hold votes that would
    re-open the government.
    The Democrats wanted votes on measures passed in the House last week.

    McConnell rejected the effort immediately, calling it "pointless, absolutely pointless."
    Why Mitchie because you know absolutely with a straight vote it would pass, or the republicans would have to filibuster it and wouldn't that be embarrassing. Or the president would veto it.

  • Thomas

    I am sure the voters will remember what their representatives have been doing and voting accordingly.


    Repeal tax cuts for the rich and implement a government single payer option for healthcare. In exchange, give him the wall. We'll see how bad he wants it.

  • fastone

    According to Border Patrols own statistics for Southwest border, big surprise folks, Trump has been lying!!

    . 2017 was the lowest monthly average of illegal immigrants entering country in 20 years at around 20,000 a month. For 2018 it was the same as was in 2016 of around 36,000 a month. In year 2000 it was over a 134,000 a month!!. It has in fact been on a steady decline since 2006. So because of drop in 2017, it had increased in 2018 but the numbers for 2018 are in fact about the same as in 2016, 2014, 2012 and 2009.

    So that should prompt 3 questions:

    1) Why and how is it now a crises and National Emergency?

    2) Honestly had anyone that's hollering hysteria that it's a crises even noticed the huge drop by 100,000 a month on average from 2000 to less than 1/3rd of that today?That's over 1.2 million LESS illegal entries a year over that that time span

    3) How is this not therefor a completely fabricated and misleading "crises" by the lying Trump to stoke irrational hysteria over a really non-crises?

    Instead of falling for the intentional lies to stir bigotry and freaking out because that's what Trump wants, shouldn't those same people be hoisting how much better it's been!! Instead of running off mouth with nonsense and repeating lies as if the sky is falling.

    "Those that can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities"...Voltaire

  • Quiet participant

    Who's writing the screenplay for this comedy? I think Alec Baldwin has the lead wrapped up. Molly McCarthy might make a good Sarah Sanders. Maybe Neil Patrick Harris for Spicey?

  • Prophet With Honor

    Regardless of Party, the Senate Majority Leader has far too much power. The Senate can and should change that now.

  • mollydtt

    As long as Graham, McConnell and Trump hold the country hostage, yes, it is depressing.

  • TexWho

    "I just don't see a pathway forward. Somebody’s gotta like, get some energy to fix this.”

    The answer is very simple: The Great Wall of Trump has nothing to do with security and everything to do with the so-called president's ego. Drop the demand for the stupid wall and end the Trump-McConnell Shutdown now.

  • KatsMind

    If anyone has a republican senator they should be calling and sending emails......frequently. I think the people who are "represented" by McConnell and his gang of angry republicans should revolt.

  • mollydtt

    My guess is that it will take until January 2021, when Democrats can take the senate majority, that finally, the senate can have a chance to vote to stop the Trump Christmas Shutdown.

  • mountainlady

    So not only can Trump make up anything he wants, Mitch McConnell can stop the legislative process all by himself. Our country is being extorted by the GOP and held hostage to Trump's whims. This is appalling. And Trump supporters don't care if they are trashing the Constitution they all swore to uphold or not. It makes me sick.