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  • SJC

    Hey, just have a garage sale and walk dogs, no problem. /s

  • The Outlier

    Don't worry folks, the President says you'll "make adjustments." No big deal, right? He says that your landlords should work with you-- just like Trump did when HE was a slumlord, right? Trump cares absolutely nothing about people's lives. He is devoid of empathy and morally stunted.

    Again: if he is going to declare an emergency he can SIGN THE FUNDING BILLS, right? No. He will then threaten not to reopen the government unless the House Dems abandon all investigations into him. Why not? The shutdown will drag on with the traitors in the Senate supporting our new would-be dictator. The President's entire regime must go, right down to the debutante Lindsey Graham.

  • JustTruthPlease!

    FBI Warns Washington of Government Shutdown’s Effect on Agents and Their Work
    BY ALAN JUDE RYLAND Jan 10,2018

    The FBI has sent a petition to the White House and Congress warning of the government shutdown’s effect on agents and their work. The petition, first reported by The Atlantic‘s Natasha Bertrand, was signed by representatives of field offices around the country.

  • Patriot_panadero01

    The TSA is a useless organization first of all. Second, government is not helping the people of America in general. This is simply a civil war between the Democrats and Republicans - both are guilty and should no longer be paid.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Extortion is a crime.

  • Truthfully

    So trump SHUTDOWN is for one person or one wall?
    Sound delusional and insane?
    Sound selfish or bullyish behavior?

    Republicans and trump are NOT looking out for the BEST for American People! May another blue wave wash away the ignorant and enabling!

  • pprty

    Glad to see the Federal government workers rally & defend themselves. They are the ones who
    have guts enough to force Trump to put them back to work! Good goin'.