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  • Chelsea Herling


  • Rocky Salerno

    There are things I like about Bernie but he comes across as yesterday's news. Time to move on, Bernie.

  • kittenpops

    For those saying ‘well at least he apologized’..uh..no. I am liberal and I loathe Donny. But apologizing after the fact doesn’t absolve you of anything. How about don’t harass people in the first place?

    Also, I hope he does not run. We can do better.

  • arlecchino

    Sanders needs to let it go, the last time he took Clintons votes just by staying when the majority of democrats did not want him, that is called obstinate and delusional, plus his young cadets spammed the internet with nasty remarks, keep the little kids home

    Last Sanders did goo in Caucuses, they are gone or will be soon, abolished.

  • End of Life Ritual

    I think Warren ‘s announcement has overshadowed Bernie. I guess we shall see.