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  • Vinny Dallas

    We’ve been on more than 40 cruises and never had a problem. We’ve been on ships with norovirus and avoided get by following the recommendations to was hands often use hand sanitizer towels to open doors. When people get it, they should follow the rules and stay in their cabins. When they ignore it that’s when it spreads. Millions of people cruise every year and never get ill. If you want to cruise do it.

  • cedarbend

    Haiti is one of the stops? A real tropical paradise...

  • RobertJohns

    The cruise marketing geniuses will soon start advertising these cruises as fun-time weight loss clinics.

  • Chris Gee

    For this reason (among others) I cannot imagine being trapped for days on one of these floating motel 6s with thousands of people I don't know or want to know.

  • Sabrina L

    you did the math wrong -- Oasis of the Sea has 5400 capacity so 475 is closer to 10 percent than 3 percent!

  • briteleaf

    Maybe Royal Caribbean will begin offering passengers their choice of: the "Shutdown ship cruise" complete with backed up toilets, the "Bacterial food Cleansing Cruise", or the "Norovirus cruise"...Doesn't it make you want to vacation on Royal Caribbean?

  • thenitenurse

    Fear of getting the norovirus keeps me from going on a cruise. They should equip cruise ships with those UV robots that blast UV rays each night to kill bacteria and viruses. Only problem is they aren't effective on outdoor areas.

  • drathvedar

    I've been on a lot of cruises and nobody got sick. It would suck though.

  • David

    You couldn't pay me to get on a cruise ship.

  • Rıchard Johnsøn

    These stories always come with ignorant "floating Petri dish" comments. The cruises that have problems represent a very, very tiny percentage of all cruises. The average cruise simply doesn't make the news. You're just as likely to catch something at a sporting event, restaurant, theme park, school, workplace or any other crowded place. The difference is that in those cases you take the virus home with you and don't know where it came from.

  • just saying

    how many times this year did this happen? or are they re-writng an old story.

  • CCS_FL

    People need to learn how to properly wash their hands, especially before eating, instead of relying on hand sanitizer. The CDC says that hand sanitizer isn't as effective against norovirus as handwashing. Poor hygiene habits of passengers is the cause of these outbreaks. I've been on over 20 cruises and I've never gotten sick because I wash my hands before eating, I don't shake hands with people I meet on the cruise, and I wash my hands whenever I return to the cabin. Wash, wash, wash!

  • Thomas

    I wonder why they could not transport the 3% with the illness off the ship and back home and allow the 97% to continue if they so desired?

  • Bill William

    This happens just about every winter - a stomach virus. It happens in college dorms, military barracks and in families; where people are in close contact. It is not the fault of the cruise ship. It is unfortunate that it happens when you are on vacation.

  • pbgd

    This is not going to help the image of the cruise line industry. I have crossed the Atlantic more than a dozen times on regular ships. Those waves can be mountainous. I doubt if these floating condos are really seaworthy.

  • bb1040

    This cruise like seems to be having problems in the last few years with people getting sick on their ships....

  • The_Splurge

    Cruise ships and vomit go hand in hand

  • Prophet With Honor

    I've got to wonder about this bug. I went to public schools in the 50s-60s, ate in the cafeterias...I lived in Marine barracks and ate in mess halls...ate in college cafeterias...and much more. I never saw or heard of such large scale outbreaks of GI problems. Is this something that got engineered? Is it a recent mutation? An import from foreign climes (although I ate on the economy in lots of 3rd world countries)?
    Why is it growing?

  • Technophile Returns

    Cruise tip: stay away from the buffet, go to specialty restaurants
    I’ve been on 4 cruises never caught the noro

  • Prophet With Honor

    A galley hand sneezed as he was pulling eating utensils out of the washer.

  • Dicazi

    I went to a con with friends. Went to dinner Saturday and I was the only one that got sick. I spent the next day vomiting every hour, but I washed my hands, kept my hands to myself, and no one else got sick. Even those I rode 60 miles home with or my roommates didn't get sick.

    Wash your hands!

  • Justice4All2

    I got norovirus on a Princess cruise in 1992. Missed the everything after day one. It's the only time I ever lost weight on a cruise.

  • JuPMod

    In recent years, more of these cruise ships have become floating infestations, especially as they become bigger and carry more passengers. It just takes one sick person to spread germs, and bingo, you have hundreds of people sick. Makes me wonder whether it was worth it for these cruise lines to make these super ships anyway.

  • Don'tBotherMe

    So they pretty much got a cruise to Haiti, got the norovirus and then back to Florida. That should be on their brochures.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Just one of several reasons I would never take one of those cruises.

  • Scott Gore

    "Love, exciting with puke. Come aboard, we're expecting you."