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  • Sasha Payne

    Sea levels will rise. No way to stop it. But since power created with fossil fuels is, by far, the cleanest, safest, most reliable AND the cheapest energy available, we probably shouldn't put more lives in danger trying to hold back the sea. Nature finds a way.

  • Vestina

    No surprise here.

    "... God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance ..."

  • Babooph

    Florida west coast has had MANY MANY months of red tide, going many miles offshore ,killing all life. Sugar cane crop seems a big part ."News"plays it down for business sake.

  • Band, On the Run

    I see the armchair experts are out in force, "proving" how this study is wrong.

    I love hearing from them!

  • adamrussell

    Researchers find bottom of Pacific getting colder
    To see article on phys dot org

  • CaptnBlynd

    "Blame Trump!" while the statistics are clearly from before this administration. This did not occur in the last 2 years. It is literally too late to halt and reverse in under 30 to 50 years. Geologic trends happen over longer periods of time.
    Global warming has become as much political as science. When world emissions would continue to rise if the US stopped all emissions overnight, what would be the point in handicapping our nation by draconian regulation? Only world reductions would matter and the Paris Accord did not even try for reduction. It was to attempt to cap emissions and the worlds leading producer was allowed to expand until 2030. Virtually no signatories met their 2018 goals. Useless and not even an attempt at reversing the trend.
    A dozen years ago I bought a waterside home more than 60' above sea level. This has all been that obvious for that long. Rather than fight about the cause, the nation should be making infrastructure improvements to deal with what we know is coming. They would rather just fight about reductions and place blame. The waters will continue to rise. I'll even go out on a limb and call for 3 meters in 30 years and all we can try to do is hold it at that.

  • Jim Bonds

    It looks like climate change is going the same way that tobacco went. When doctors and scientists started seeing the bad effects of tobacco, the industry employed a bunch of "doctors and scientists" to refute the evidence and put out a lot of misleading information. Same thing has happened with Climate Change, but the science is pretty overwhelming and just like tobacco, sooner or later everyone will finally come to accept it. The real question is just how much destruction and lost lives have to occur before people finally realize that it would have taken us a lot less money fixing the problem than it has taken trying to recover from the effects. If we had worked towards a greener world, the benefits over using fossil fuels for our economy and health are absolutely staggering.

  • MauiOhana808

    No kidding.!!!..........warm water species showing up on cold water shores like warm water Sea Turtles beaching themselves on the Oregon and Washington State Coasts.......Dolphins showing up in the same States dead and on the beach........Dungeness crab showing up lighter than usual because of "dead zones off the pacific shores" which have zero or very little O2 at the bottom which they feed from.........Toxic Algae blooms and red tides that decimate Clam species and harm fish on all shore lines in the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf coast....Coral reef bleaching here (Hawaii) and in other pacific island nations including the Great Barrier reef!
    When the oceans go..............so will we............
    Aloha :^O

  • adamrussell

    Except that the bottom of the Pacific is getting colder.

  • Bill Paish

    If the oceans die, we die.

  • TheGovernmentIsNotYourMommy22


    I actually followed the link and have a question.

    The analysis (as well as this article) talk about “more accurate measurements. That is a reference to the Argo system that was fully deployed in 2005.

    Yet the analysis is based on measurements taken for the year beginning in 1970 when the more accurate numbers were not available and are using that to prove their point (a 0.1 degree K temperature fluctuation,BTW)

    How can a proper comparison be made when they simply didn’t have the same accurate data source between 1970 and 2005.

  • Technophile Returns

    The bleaching of the coral reefs was earths way of saying, “hey morons, this is your future ”

  • Band, On the Run

    I'm sure Trump, who recently said, "I have a natural instinct for science", especially climate science, can tell us why this new research is wrong.

  • ShawnLetwin

    Hot news flash...until we address the explosion in global population, everything else is addressing the symptoms and not the cause. We live in a closed biosphere...continuing to increase the occupants on the planet and all related aspects from our living have a negative impact. Our prior strategy..."Dilution is the solution to pollution..." no longer works.

    Just like an aquarium has a optimum number of fish that can live in it successfully without overloading the filter, the heater, the food supply and the air bubblier...Earth is no different. If it isn't CO2, it will just be some other by-product from humans living that will destroy the environment needed to keep humans alive...as we kill so much more besides humans in the mean time.

  • Use-your-intelligence

    There are so many aspects of our way of life that is dependent on the ocean. Rising ocean temperatures will affect not only food chains and the water cycle but it will also lead to more extreme weather and it could ultimately make the planet unlikable.

  • Gumby

    That can’t be true. Rush, Sean, Tucker and our president say it’s not true, so it can’t be. All the scientists behind this report are making a fortune off the global warming “industry,” whereas Trump, Rush, et al are impartial observers with no ax to grind who inform the public out of a sense of duty and civic responsibility - certainly not for personal gain.

  • Robertarvid Johnson

    Now is the time to put up your money as your denying mouth shows. A few more scientific opinions seem needed before the market for insular and sea coast properties plunges and a migration toward available high ground commences. Also consider that the other side of the coin is yet in the foreground...that climate pulsations... warming and cooling periods, masquerade each beginning as higher amplitude wave motion

  • Nate

    I take comfort in being able to have seen and swam on the Great Barrier Reef. I wanted to appreciate it while its still here.

  • NewsJunkie12

    This is why the old white guys in congress just voted all their rich old white donors a giant tax cut. They know they won't be around to suffer the consequences of ignoring climate change so they want to keep every penny so they can live the highlife while they're still alive, dead before they have to face the horrible consequences of destroying the planet. Screw their own kids, and screw yours too. The'll be dead, what do they care?

  • Jack Lean

    While Trump and Trump's supporters are busy fighting an imaginary 'war on white culture,' the REAL cause for concern and the science that discovered that concern are being denied by these same 'imaginary warriors.'

    So, no surprise a demographic fixated on fantasies and their 'superior culture' chose a science-denying, 'Reality TV' fake boss as their chief idiot and bottle washer.

  • labman57

    GOP response:
    "So what? Now it will be more comfortable to take a dip in the ocean."

  • Gustav Dahl

    If you are young and think long term and have some extra money, start thinking of buying waterfront property in Canada. In a few decades with warming waters it will become prime vacation property.

  • rontron

    People are still buying million dollar properties in Miami, FL. If this keeps up much of Florida will be under water in 30 years, not as far out as expected..