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  • Sophie Rose

    April to December would be eight months before she delivered her baby. Very few women appear pregnant the first few months of their pregnancy, so the doctor probably missed it. BUT this woman was in a vegetative state so staff had to bather her, change her clothing, bedding and NO ONE noticed she was pregnant??

    There is more to this story then they are telling us. Were these workers and the woman's family in "collusion" to cover up this pregnancy? Most important who is the "baby daddy"???

  • c.g.

    Wonder what the condition of the baby is?

    I worked with low income families and i remember seeing a teen girl about 14 who came to my office with her mother to get some questions answered. The very next week, the mother of this girl came in and told me that her 14yr old daughter started to have very bad stomach cramps at night the day before, she took her to the ER and she delivered a baby!! No one knew she was pregnant.

    I swear if anyone would had looked at this 14 yr old, no one would have thought she looked pregnant....I think maybe she gained maybe 15 pounds at the most...

    The new born even with NO prenatal care was fine...no complications...and I think she was full term. Hope this is the same for this baby...

  • mm

    Someone dropped the ball, you can deny all you want she wasn't pregnant, or you tested her, but the baby seems to be proof you were wrong.

  • david

    I lived in Crazy-town a.k.a AZ for 12 years. Bet dollars to donuts that they never did the test that they claimed to have done, or they did half a test and then ignored the rest....

  • USAF Retired

    Well if the exam was nine months ago and it was only an external exam, there wouldn't have been any signs of pregnancy.

  • Tommy Wo

    If you have nothing to hide than providing a DNA sample for this investigation should be no problem.

  • JimmyEatsHotDogs

    This company needs to be shut down. DNA every employee hopefully results will determine the violator so he can be charged.

  • Furrmin The Cat

    Hmmm. Did the doctor do it?

  • danielle

    Most people cant even do the math. On April 15, she might have been 3 weeks pregnant at most. That is if this was a full term pregnancy. Most pregnancy test would have indicated not pregnant at the time.

  • ArghONaut

    Medical assessments of long term comatose women include pregnancy tests? Priceless!

  • madison55

    Why didnt her family get the baby boy?

  • SHM1026

    Even if she wasn't examined since April, she went full term and NO ONE noticed ANYTHING unusual when she was bathed or her diapers were changed? Extra weight, enlarged breasts, distended belly, no longer menstruating....NOTHING??? How incompetent could this facility be?

  • MandalayBay328

    OK so "nearly 9 months before giving birth" would mean she was maybe just 4 weeks pregnant - without doing a blood or urine test, there's no way they could have known she was pregnant. And if she delivered prematurely, that would mean she was impregnated after the exam.

    Either way - someone dropped the ball. Then again, one should not have to worry about their vegetative comatose patient ending up pregnant......

  • Dicazi

    You have to wonder if the exam was even done. Or just charted.

  • Dicazi

    Pregnant women stop menustrating.
    Why wasn't that noticed? Unless she was highly irregular to begin with, that is an obvious symptom.
    She's too young at 29 to have entered menopause.

  • rontron

    DNA the Doctor along with all the other male workers at the facility.

    Update: The police are now considering giving the DNA samples to a more advanced company that can produce a facial image based on the male DNA from the child.