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  • oliwayne

    He is just another republican who subscribes to revisionist history. Does he know that the Americas were inhabited by a dark race of people before Europeans arrived? Why is it that people who look like him are the only ones who claim to be "true" Americans? For fifty years of my life, I've only known one America. People like this republican will never appreciate this country for what it is. People like him need to be exterminated like the vermin they are.

  • sooner

    Rep. Steve King of Iowa was quoted in The New York Times saying, "White
    nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that
    language become offensive?"
    How did white supremacist become racist? Ah, how about definition?


  • JesterMarcus

    This guy's beliefs are no secret, this isn't the first time he's said and done these kinds of things.

  • tet1953

    He ought to be expelled.

  • Eric

    Trump would agree with his remarks - Hugely

  • Arc_Fault_One

    Is anybody really surprised? We tell people to be proud of their race all the time. We see it in the workplace, government, schools etc.

  • Davis

    Wow! Republicans denounce a politician who says essentially the same things as Trump. They’re so full of BS. They could care less. Actually they do care enough to gerrymander in their own states to keep people of color away from the poles.

  • reality25

    And yet this clown was voted back into Congress...AGAIN.

  • slamdunkdeal

    I see nothing wrong with our elected representatives saying these kinds of things.

    We will be able to keep track of exactly what they are and never let them crawl under their rocks again.


    Just to clear things up:

    white nationalist noun

    Definition of white nationalist

    : one of a group of militant whites who espouse white supremacy and advocate enforced racial segregation

    … his vision for the community—an enclave where residents fly "racialist" banners, where they are able to import enough … white nationalists to take control of the town government …


    Rep. Steve King of Iowa was quoted in The New York Times saying, "White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?"

    He can't be that dense...

  • Prophet With Honor

    There is nothing inherently wrong in being part of any race. There is nothing inherently wrong in having pride in what your race has contributed to the World.
    Wrong is denying dignity and respect for those who are not if your Tribe. Wrong is feeling that you are inherently superior to those who are different.
    This guy is wrong.

  • Kirby

    When will Republicans get it through their heads that if you're "white" and say you're a "nationalist" that makes you a "white nationalist". It's not rocket surgery, Ricky.

  • Verity Pendelton

    He should be removed from his seat.

  • gbgentleman

    "I'd like to see an America that's just so homogeneous that we look a lot the same."

    And Nazi Germany wanted the same thing. KKK wants the same thing.

    Not sure how he was voted into Congress.

  • Gumby

    Amazing to consider that King is probably not the most stupid of the Republican legislators in the US Congress. He’s stupid and vicious, but look at the competition for the title of most stupid - Gohmert, Lee, etc., and it’s not easy to pick a winner.

  • Top shelf

    This just in: King is racist scum.

  • dcc2s

    Another example of why the GOP will never gain the support of the vast majority on non-whites.

  • horseplay

    Get rid of the old white men who have not evolved to comport with today's reality.

  • labman57

    King openly embraces the same ideology that Trump and his Senate GOP cohort strive to impose with their bigotry-based policies.

  • Scott Gore

    There King goes, proving my point that politics is B.S. The guy's been in the Senate for years, yet here he is saying something no normal thinking person would say.