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  • BannedAgain

    No problem. Send some buses to our southern border and we'll fill that quota in a couple of months.

  • Todd

    Mr. Trudeau does NOT speak for the majority of Canadians. Only 39% of eligible voters voted in the last election and he won a majority of those people who voted but that is not the majority of Canadians. Majority of Canadians want legal immigration but not border jumpers. We have also had 4 terrorist attacks in Canada from radicalized persons, 2 of whom were supposedly vetted by Mr. Trudeau's appointed border guards in recent months. Mr. Trudeau said he would be personally responsible for the actions of any migrants he allowed in who committed crimes. One of his supposedly-safe migrants murdered at 13 year-old Marrisa Shen, in September. Mr. Trudeau has not fulfilled his promise of assuming responsibility for her murder and probably never will step up to follow through with his own promise. We have a great pathway to legal immigration into Canada. Why change what has been working to well for so many years?

  • Ignatz

    While the United States rejects smart, talented people who want to work. Because they're "taking the jobs" of Americans who don't have marketable skills, but think they're too good for physical labor.

    If Canada welcomes 1,000,000 immigrants, watch them shoot past us.

  • Peter Toth

    No...Canadians do NOT want 1 million more over the next 3 years. Trudeau is a liar!

  • Karrie Mae

    And 900,000 will probably be from india

  • Cal A. Nomen

    No, "Canada" does not. Justin Trudeau and his Globalist cadre of handlers does ....

  • John Smith

    I just went and took the questionnaire. It said I qualified for express entry. If you have an advance degree with certification its almost certain you will get in. In otherwords, if you are an intelligent professional and tried of these dumb people ruining our country, Canada will be happy to have you.

  • Jonathan Bryant

    Correction on headline. It should read Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is out of touch with Canadians for wanting more unvetted unskilled anti Western migrants. Canadians are screaming STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

  • AJaminal

    Canada has always been a model for the world when it comes to managing immigration. It's a diverse and thriving country without ethnic or religious strife. Indeed, their differential tension has always been linguistic, ie. English / French, and with the newer generations that is finally starting to fade away.

  • Joshua Emmanuel

    I wish to relocate to Canada also, but I don't have anybody there...I want anybody who can help me out to reach there.... am a Nigerian my contact number is +2348168262165

  • JCNH

    Didn’t Angela Merkle say the same a few years ago. And now.....

  • SoulCages

    Canada does not want 1 million immigrants. Where would we house that many? Shelters are full, illegal immigrants are staying in hotels on the tax payors dime. The Majority do not work so far. Have no doubt it's the Trudeau Liberals that want them. Trudeau is trying to buy votes.

  • GoAViking

    So can we take those at our southern border to our northern border?

  • ruelph

    Canada is ensuring that their country will continue to have a young workforce for the foreseeable future. Unlike Japan, whose workforce is getting older.

  • Lucinda Knowlton

    NO CANADA DOES NOT WANT them! Our globalist puppet TRUDEAU and his evil Liberal minions that say they want 1 million. Trudeau like myself or his cabinet do NOT speak for all Canadians but I do know that I speak for a great many Canadians that are sick to death of TRUDEAU sticking it to us all the time and justifying it while he's doing it by saying "CANADIANS WANT" Trudeau is a DICTATOR that has somehow taken power in Canada and does NOT care WHAT his own citizens think or WANT!

  • Bill Gradwohl

    If the Canadian gov't wants more immigrants, they should send some planes to Honduras, Nicaragua, etc to pick them up. Those folks will be so grateful not having to walk to the US / Mexico border.

  • SJC

    Those should all be Americans fed up with tRump.

  • Linzie Rogers

    So Trump doesn't want immigrants from Haiti or Africa. I wonder what he would say to accepting immigrants from countries like Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway? I'll ask him if I ever see him.

  • reality25

    Once upon a time, the U.S boasted that is was a proud nation of immigrants until...

  • sakibaba

    They have a pretty smart point system. Weighted points for everything from family ties to skillset levels. If you make the points you are in/ if not then don't even board the flight. Not like the current messy letter Visa soup that we have from B,K,H,J....almost 26 different categories and some directly contradicting each other in intent....the lines are decades long for those trying to make it in legally.