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  • Number 6

    May I suggest we start with the international spy ring known as THE CHINESE? 300K college students here, how many US students go to China (insert cricket sounds here).

  • Phoenix Punk

    As long as Mexico is paying for it. /s/ Just playing. I actually like this idea.

  • carcar

    the best and the brightest...so I guess more 2nd tiered fashion models are now going to filling the void since Melania got in on one of those "best and brightest" visas.

  • Truthfully

    Are these for all those Russian tech experts?? Hope NOT because the last have flocked to the trump crime family.

  • Forward forward

    Don't we need federal employees working at their desks for that to happen?

  • bobhope01

    Well, this is a case which is largely true. Not sure what should be done however.

  • Dave

    Turning the US into the 3rd world country. We currently don't even have health inspectors to ensure our produce is safe.

  • mm

    Trump says Trump says, whatever, he blowing smoke, he is all talk. He needs help in a very big way, and we need a serious leader.

  • Tertulliano

    we need more foreign nurses. they are more caring and compassionate than the homegrown, with a few exceptions.

  • bannerstoned

    We need IT workers.

  • ArghONaut

    I am sure the Trump resorts will be leaders in setting examples for fair wages, only employing documented workers, and possibly even making cleaners H1B candidates!

  • RohnertPark1

    My comment below was deleted, which is irritating. Basically I was asking why it's OK for Indians and Chinese people to come and take IT jobs away from Americans, but the stupid people blame Latinos. IT companies in this country gladly hire foreign IT workers because they accept 50% of the pay an American would accept, and be due, and US companies do not pay these foreign contractors benefits. That the Imbecile in Chief would offer a pathway to citizenship for these IT workers, but not hard working Latinos, is beyond belief. This issue is an unspoken problem with this country, well educated Americans are not being offered IT jobs, they are going to foreign workers.

  • B E D G

    Wow just wow!!! So trump hears all the rumble about how people overstay their visas but since they aren't at the boarder of Mexico lets make it easy for them to take American jobs but keep those others out. Got it!!

  • snake

    Why do I think the change will be a path to citizenship for the best and brightest and whitest?

  • SJC

    I have seen Americans passed over to hire H1-B visa people.

  • Justice4All2

    How about we provide opportunities and funding for more STEM programs? We need to increase the academic standards in our schools. We must stop issuing HS diplomas to unqualified and unmotivated kids who lack critical thinking and basic skills. This requires an overhaul of our public schools.

  • Puddin' Twain

    Translation: Trump's hotels and clubs need more foreign "hostesses" who work cheap.

  • Against All Fascist

    LOL!!!! Hey Trumpers... basically the President is acknowledging that you people contribute nothing to the work force, so much so that we have to look for talent overseas. Trumpers need to realize that their "Privilege" doesn't actually equate to anything of value in the real world.

  • catmom

    Wait...... What!!!!!! These are the Visa's that trump uses to staff his clubs. You can not make me believe that a company can not find American citizens for the jobs they want to hire these people for. And!!!!! How insensitive is trump to come out with this when he has furloughed Federal Employees who could very well fill these positions. This guy is unbelievable.

  • Wrecking Ball

    Whoa!! Thought for sure he was going to kick em all out. Is there some fine print that hasn't been read yet like 50% of their income will be put toward a wall?

  • Youcan'thandlethetruth

    His answer to all our immigration woes is to build a wall.

  • Monger923

    "Trump says..."Oh no!" is my first reaction and nearly 100% accurate. Could also apply to "Trump tweets..", "Trump meet..." or really anything at all that has that 5 letter T word in it.

  • reality25

    So Trump can't find the "best and brightest" among his supporters? Trump University didn't offer degrees in tech?

  • David

    Really? Who's getting conned today? Trump administration restricted H-1B Visas while increasing H-2B visa applicants to fill Trump Organization job openings. Now he's had a change of heart? Unlikely, what's the catch? Trump does nothing for anyone and all moves are for his benefit .

  • brubble

    Hey Donald you know you can bring down the cost of the wall by using cheaper foreign steel and materials and hiring cheaper labor through H-2B visas right? You know like how you furnish your properties with cheaper cost furnishings from abroad and seemed to hire 61 cheaper labor foreign workers last year for your property in Florida.

  • P'Thizikil

    Since Nobel prizes won by Americans and most scientific breakthroughs are due to people using H1-B visas and not American citizens, the future depends on allowing them to come and to stay.

  • Bob Marshall

    Finally something I can agree with, at least on the surface. I'm sure Trump can find a way to make it slimy. We have a big problem in my field trying to find people. IT unemployment is less than 1%. The current rules make it hard to hire immigrants as anything but contract labor. It needs to be easier to bring them on full time as permanent employees.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Why don't we dedicate some money...oh,
    $5 billion or so...to start a program to underwrite the cost of recruiting and training Americans to do these jobs?

  • Thomas Fletcher

    Yeah, more foreign models! Lord knows America doesn't have enough women willing to pose naked on deeply in debt people's planes.

  • kittenpops

    He also said space force.

  • Tertulliano

    So, what happened to Buy American, hire American?