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  • Cammosutra

    It is the responsibility and the job of the Congress to fund the government as lined out in the Constitution. The GOP members of the Senate, including Mitch McConnell, need to put their big boy pants on, stand up to this President, fund the government with a veto proof bill, and frankly, just do the job they are being paid to do! Trump did not have the votes for his wall a year ago. And his sure does not now.

    And meanwhile, workers aren't getting paid, food, and airplanes are not being inspected, Coast Guard, TSA, FBI, courts, and other important agencies aren't funded, and this shutdown begins to ripple thru the economy.

  • Lovejoy

    I'm glad the article states this - "IF" the creditors agree...there is no guarantee that any creditor will waive late fees or allow late payments. All it takes is one or two late payments, and up goes the APR and the late fee amount, while the credit score tanks. And then the government will offer credit protection alerts as a consolation LOL.

  • Smedley

    I'm still waiting to hear from ALL those government employees Trump said were agreeing with him.

  • notagain

    Trump's trickle down on Americans continues. smh

  • Quiet participant

    So next month employees may start getting bills from insurance providers for vision, dental, and life insurance, and are expected to pay those bills directly. With what? Credit card, I guess. Then a month later pay that credit card bill. With what? A cash advance from a credit card? Then a month later, expected to pay that. With what?

  • DCClark

    Funding bill in December 2018 that included increased funding for border security:
    GOP: We like it
    Dems: We like it
    Trump: I like it
    Rush Limbaugh: I don't like it
    Trump: I don't like it
    Dems: *facepalm
    GOP: *facepalm

  • Prophet With Honor

    Life doesn't have to be this complicated.