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  • Thomas

    I am not sure that Sanders is the best candidate for PotUS. Perhaps a good VP candidate to provide balance if a younger candidate runs for PotUS.

  • BannedAgain

    Do me a favor Bernie, if you want to run again at least buy a comb this time. You always look like you just got out of bed.

  • gordo53

    Bernie scared the crap out of the Democratic power brokers in 2016. They let his campaign develop momentum and as a result they needed to sabotage it late in the game. They won't make the same mistake twice.

  • Kathleen King

    Senator Sanders is at liberty to work at establishing a third party, the "Progressives," but is not and never was a Democratic Party member. While the Republican Party is the one most -- and that desperately -- in need to re-establishing itself, the Democrats need to do so as well. I personally do not believe in the "Party" system of government; I think George Washington was absolutely correct as to its dangers. However, with regard to the Senator, he has done valuable service to his state and his nation in the past. He is not a "nice" man and there are serious questions as to his and his wife's financial dealings which will inevitably recur in another campaign. Sir, do not run yourself. If you belief,as I think you do, in Progressivism, then work to establish that Party and its following. Support them, but do not run again.

  • L. Gray

    Sounds like Hillary insiders creating some controversy to cut out her competition.

  • SJC

    Bernie should be part of the discussion, but don't run.

  • JuPMod

    If he chooses to run again, I wonder if history will repeat itself. Will he and his supporters again cry 'foul' if Sanders does not win the nomination? Will they again say "I'm not going to vote for the other guy!", sit home, and allow Republicans an easy win? A divided Democratic party is what gave Trump the win in 2016, and it can happen again in 2020, if Sander's supporters again think there is a conspiracy due to Sanders not winning the nomination.

  • Code_2008

    Voted for him last time, will vote for him again. And he didn't help get Trump elected, Clinton did.

  • Pam

    I'm sorry Bernie, but you are too darned old. Time to retire and let some young blood in and set term limits to boot.

  • Hendrix27

    Give it up Bernie. Please give it up.

  • benanders

    Bernie's side show did such a great job in getting Trump elected the first time, I'm sure nothing would make Trump happier than having Bernie run again. If not, is Ralph Nader available?

  • lainsmo

    The DNC controversy creation machine is running in overtime to doom a Bernie run.