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  • J P

    Go ahead and declare a national emergency so we can impeach you for abuse of power and obstruction of justice. Conspiracy and treason are coming to your nearest theatre soon!

  • kritikosman

    The national emergency IS trump!!

  • RedSoxPatriotsCelticsBruinsFan

    obama never hesitated making executive orders.

  • comments1

    I doubt that McConnell and other GOP envision Trump as president for life, so they won't want to support declarations of national emergencies for primarily political purposes. It will be very hard to put the worms back into that can.

  • Summer Tyme

    The top Republican in the House vowed Sunday that "action will be taken" after Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King's recent comment about white supremacy and white nationalism.

    "That language has no place in America," California GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy said on CBS' "Face the Nation."
    He continued, "That is not the America I know, and it is most definitely not the party of Lincoln.

    GOP abandoned Lincoln long ago, Kevin. That's why your party is dead in California and soon will be in much of the rest of the country.

  • MauiOhana808

    The end is near for donnie........................and he knows it!
    Aloha :^D

  • What?

    Horrible precedent to let ANY President trample over Congress. Have any of the Drumpf supporters ever read the constitution (you know THREE branches of government).

  • owthathurts

    If it harms people, Republican politicians are all for it. If it is humane, they hate it.

  • reality25

    The lead picture here is all wrong. Trump isn't sporting his dark sunglasses, a uniform and a beret. What happened to the banana tree that was in the background?

  • FarmFamily

    There certainly is a National Emergency in this country - it's the traitor in the White House.

  • NewsJunkie12

    Nancy is eating his lunch. That’s gotta sting like hell for the most famous misogynist on the planet, gettin’ his áss kicked by a “dumb ol’ girl.”

    How sweet it is.
    (apolgies to Jackie Gleason)

  • Cammosutra

    A minority of Americans voted in favor of Mexico paying for Trump's Wall in 2016. Over 3 Million more voted against Trump and his wall. But NOBODY voted for American taxpayers paying for Trumps wall.

    Trump did not have the votes from the GOP to get his wall in 2016. And he does not have them now. And Article 1 of the US Constitution clearly defines how the US Government is to be funded by the Congress. The President is not mentioned there.

    But the Congress DOES have the defined responsibility and the job of funding the US Government. Presidential temper tantrum or not! And while this shutdown IS Trump's fault, Congress, specifically the GOP Senators, need to step up, earn their pay and do their damned jobs!

  • Matt

    Trump said tonight the he is prepared to declare the border wall a national emergency and that would be 100% ...100%....but, he's just waiting for the Democrats to do the right thing.

  • NewsJunkie12

    National emergency? It boils down to this, Trump. You have to ask yourself one question, “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya punk? Go ahead. Pull that trigger.

  • Forward forward

    Go ahead. The next Democratic president should declare a health care emergency and take whatever money (s)he wanted to expand the ACA.

  • Harry Gaffney III

    Trump has not enlightened anyone in his administration what his private secret meetings with Putin have been about. He is a traitor. The rest of this is irrelevant. Our nation is being run by a traitor. The rest is Trump trying to hide the truth.

  • Fully Hydraulic

    "Truth isn't truth."

    "The buck stops ... wherever..."

    "Exercise is bad for you!"

    "I know more about everything than everyone!"

    "I can't even turn on a computer."


  • Fully Hydraulic

    Coulter popped his tiny raisins from the right, Pelosi popped his tiny raisins from the left...

    Oh my what's a narcissistic misogynist to do?

  • Fully Hydraulic

    For a guy who thinks he knows more about everything than anybody - Trump is just a narcissistic sadist with the IQ of a light switch.

  • OneMoreYes33a

    I just hope that the incoming people have the guts to try to get rid of the electoral college. It will mean the end of the Republican party. They can't win an election on popular vote except in the deep south.

  • Fully Hydraulic

    "The buck stops with everybody."


  • Nearl56 12

    I can’t believe this article is still here.

    Nobody is changing their mind.

    Trump’s argument was rejected in Nov and now.

  • MAGreenA

    Trump does not give a rats butt about the entities and people affected by this shutdown. National Parks, USGS, NOAA, EPA, FBI, HUD, and a host of others. Notice they are all things he has declared war with even before he became president. He hates government workers and unions, as does his base. They disparage people with career government jobs, benefits, pensions and unions. Bannon and others in Trump's inner circle even said outright they wanted to "deconstruct government". They and others like them hail (or is it heil?) this shutdown. What better way to break down institutions Americans have then to run them out of reserves, run the moral into the ground. cripple their effectiveness, and shutter their doors? In the end Trump will declare them unable to carry out their functions as he bleeds them dry, little by little. This situation is all a grand plan by the GOP and Trump to deconstruct our democracy and replace it with White Nationalist Party ideals. Even David Puke and his KKK herald this shutdown as a win for der fuhrer Trump.

  • heliskier59

    When does this Russian spy face American justice?

  • Fully Hydraulic

    He is in mental decline. And under pressure from Mueller.

    Trump couldn't negotiate a deal with a vending machine without blowing a gasket.

  • Fully Hydraulic

    Remember, the same guy that INSISTS we need a wall, is the same guy who INSISTS that exercise is bad for you.

    And just look at him.

  • Fully Hydraulic

    We need better candidates next time.

  • mark2789

    Republicans are grappling??? Why, the man is insane crazy nuts..and will destroy anything to satisfy his ego. Get rid of him !

  • Justbkind16

    How sad is it that 800,000 workers are not getting paid because the baby in chief got his feelings hurt by Coulter?

  • andan04

    I'm not exactly the Secretary of Defense but illegal border crossings at a 46-year low doesn't constitute an emergency in my mind.

  • NewsJunkie12

    No one voted for a shut down or crushing national debt in 2016. In 2018, Democrats were voted in to take the house in part to block the wall. That is the will of the people.

  • Pseudonymous Bosh

    I don't think people quite realize how big this is. Trump is shutting down the government because of a single spending priority. If Democrats give in, they'll show Trump that he can force them to approve any spending he wants. They'll be surrendering the power of the purse. And if he declares a national emergency to get around the lack of Congressional funding, he's usurping the power of the purse himself.

    The framers of the Constitution gave spending authority to Congress for a very good reason. Back when the kings of England had few limits on their authority, Parliament's main weapon against the king was the power of the purse. It was from that power that the British parliamentary system grew. A legislature without that power is no legislature at all; it's a rubber stamp for an executive who is effectively a dictator.

    Other countries that base their constitutions on that of the United States are disturbingly prone to turning into dictatorships, because the president in this system is dangerously strong. The main reason we're still a democracy is a set of unwritten norms that all previous presidents, even the worst of them, have abided by. Trump is perfectly willing to violate those norms, and taking the entire budget hostage is the most blatant example yet. Our democracy is on the brink of collapse.

  • NewsJunkie12

    You better not be all talk and no action, Mitt. You talked the talk. You better follow through and walk the walk.

  • RohnertPark1

    McConnell knows the precedent that will be set with an emergency declaration or an executive order regarding funding the idiotic wall. I don't think McConnell has the cojones to try to pull it off. The Dems are going to pin Trump's ears back, and it will be a joy to see.