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  • William Harkey

    I say let trump go, it's the best campaign the Democrats could run.

  • PaulCrozer

    Don the Con strikes again!

  • Dicazi

    A 3rd tunnel under a border wall in Arizona was just found.
    For drugs, it's suspected.

    Macchu Picchu was built without the wheel. Plenty of walls, and drainage that amazes today's engineers.

  • Ed Freeman

    Making America great again!

  • JustTruthPlease!

    This President clearly believes he can govern only by shouting threat after threat.

    He has zero knowledge, nor desires any real knowledge.

    So all he can do is issue threats and punish with damaging actions.

  • mollydtt

    Nothing to check—no facts. NO FACTS.

  • Nala

    baby duck boys favorite phrase is "National Security" to get his way now he has included national emergency - he is NOT KING

  • Chuck

    Why even waste your time fact checking. Nothing out of this man's mouth is factual and is miles from the truth!

  • SJC

    "Without the wall, he says, this can't be stopped."
    What a lying SOS.

  • justanewsreader

    One day, Trump is going to lie, or perpetuate a previous lie, and then choke on his own tongue. Now that the FBI in NY is investing Trump and collusion with Russians, he will need to manufacture some massive fraud on American to push that story off the front page. But, one day, we won't have any pages to push the stories to because the whole media will be filled with him during his trial for criminal activities. Let's include the offspring too as co-conspirators.

  • fastone

    "According to Customs and Border Protection data, illegal migration is
    down dramatically over the last two decades. For example, in 2001 there
    were 1,643,679 apprehensions at the border, compared with 396,579 in
    2018 -- a more than 75 percent drop."

    Credit where credit due....that's because George W. Bush doubled the number of Border agents and built 700 miles of fencing barrier in 2006. In 2017 it was lowest been in 20 years, so naturally there was an increase in 2018...and that's what Trump is touting as increase and invasion but it's still 1.2 million LESS a year than in 2000.

    It's not a crises...and .the wall's not a solution....it's about building a national monument to white nationalism and stupidity. .

  • mollydtt

    The GOP loves all of Trump’s lies. So much easier than reality.

    And Fox “news” is happy to oblige.

  • Prophet With Honor

    He's painted himself into a corner with no good way out.

  • Chelleepea

    Trump has something to brag about now....he has shut the govt down longer than any president ever!

  • Bluejay

    The wheels on Donny's bus go thump, turn a bit, and a few more thumps, from all his people he's thrown under it!

  • jimrussell

    Time to stand up. Donny, you only have an astonishing, but very disappointing
    and troubling in America in the 21st century, 15%-20% of your fellow
    xenophobic and racist, 5% of the nations profoundly naive, gullible, and
    ignorant, the cowardly Republicans Congress and a few rock rib
    Republicans left in support. A cowardly Republican Congress that is
    trapped and afraid because that disappointing 25% of the American
    ignorant and intolerant represent the majority of the Republican Party
    voters. Most Congressional Republicans know they and the Party are
    bleeding out from Trump's inflicted, maybe treacherous wounds and now
    his phony border crisis and government shut down. Stand up Republicans
    your only chance of survival is to disassociate yourselves from Trump's
    proven serial lying, ignorance, incompetence, intolerance, and possible
    treachery. A mental health intervention and impeachment are two obvious
    outs that show some courage, there are others, but finally a show of
    backbone and courage are a must.

  • John Springer

    Even if 80% enter on wheels, the issue is still that we have 20 % , a large amount.

  • Pologize3

    "Wheels are round"
    -Deep thoughts by Donald J. Trump

  • TexasVulcan

    If there is a crisis, it's Trump's own making.

    The lies are astounding. He never said Mexico "would cut a check"? Certainly implied that at his rallies. And his web site was very specific.


    The only "emergency" to Trump is not fulfilling his little campaign promise to his followers. Nothing else matters to him.

  • Ted Mittelstaedt

    Go ahead, Trump, try declaring an emergency. It will be taken to SCOTUS who will slap you down.and then you will have one less BS point to wave around.

    You are done. You picked a fight that you cannot win. Even if you allowed the vote and accepted no wall tomorrow, by now every federal bureaucrat hates your guts and will do everything they can to sabotage any more of your nonsense.

  • BigBearcatBill

    Give him a wall, only in Texas first!!! Then see if the country wants it through NM, AZ, CA. Let Red Texas with their far right nuts have a wall, bigly!

  • Band, On the Run

    Walls and wheels. Man, Trump really does know more about technology than anyone!

  • Groingo

    Trump is a complete Chuckle Head....Dingbat....Dead from the nect up.