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  • dan

    The death penalty is too easy for this guy. He needs to spend the rest of his life in a cell with the John Holmes of predators.

  • pbinCA

    What a fantastic turnaround. The evidence is overwhelming. Life in prison will give him time to dwell on his poor impulse control. I hope the inmates teach him how it feels to be constantly on the receiving end of dominance-submission, always in fear.

  • Bob Thor

    Surprisingly no one haven't blamed mental illness for the guy yet.

  • Joe V

    Perhaps he just saw her somewhere, maybe several times, and developed an infatuation towards her. Then he found out where she lived and went there to kidnap her. Because her parents were there he had to kill them. When someone develops an obsession like that there is no limit to what they might do to satisfy it. John Hinckley had an infatuation with Jody Foster so he shot Ronald Reagan didn't he?

  • Powderedtoastman

    Dogs are better than cats. Sorry. They just are.

    Dogs consider you part of the family. Cats consider you staff.

  • kittenpops

    Sweet brave little girl..I hope she gets all the help she will need, and has a happy life!

  • Michael Smulkowski

    “Patterson, who is currently not employed, had been concealing Closs from his friends and family, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said.”

    Really!? A murder suspect is unemployed!? Thanks for the news flash.

  • Ashmedai

    I can't even begin to imagine the terror that girl felt. I am glad she had the courage to escape when she saw an opportunity.

  • SoCalSteve

    This is stuff of horror movies...

  • Jonas Blane ll

    Jayme Closs was kidnapped and her parents killed because of some sanctuary city harbored illegal alien............My mistake a born in Murica white man committed these heinous crimes.

  • HomerIsBlind

    Life without possibility of Parole or the dirt nap, preferably the latter.

  • RohnertPark1

    Out of tragedy came wonderful news about this young woman still being alive.

  • FreeYourMind

    That guy was CLEAN as a whistle. No criminal record at all.

    Just a Wayne LaPierre of the NRA "good guy with a gun".

    Until he wasn't.

  • PrettySmart1

    Nothing like a faithful pooch to make a kid feel better.

  • Justice4All2

    What a cutie. Looks like fetal alcohol syndrome or maybe a product of inbreeding. He'll make Bubba a fine bride.

  • Blabblablbab

    This is why we need to have athletic videos made by Tom Cruise shown at all public schools. Guy is like three feet tall and he can still out run a sports car. Child abduction would be much less frequent if kids could do 70mph flat out.

  • End of Life Ritual

    Why the fake alert?

  • Dicazi

    Many are on Facebook and aren't private. Instagram pics and video.
    Even Twitter supports video.
    Was the girl an athlete? A singer?

    There are many places he could have seen her pictures and not been in any contact with her.

  • Lacombe57 .

    Thank you Jeanne Nutter for simply being "...in the right place at the right time..".

  • 77Corvette

    We won't know anymore info until his arraignment Monday afternoon. Barron is near here.

  • Sophie Rose

    Some local media outlets have been saying this killer and his brother live alone at the house where she was held. That their parents had moved to another location and left their two adult sons there alone.

    During the news conference very little new information was given, it was almost like they were holding back to draw out anyone else involved (the brother??). Also apparently an alert on social media before she was found indicated she had been found in another county (placed by the killer) to throw off law enforcement??

  • Bob Marshall

    I wonder how she became targeted. It is wise for parents to talk with their children about social media and how it can be used by predators. She turned up on his radar somehow.

  • Tom

    There are some crimes where it should just be OK to walk the perp out behind the sheriff's office and put a bullet in their head.