Families of Sandy Hook shooting victims win legal victory in lawsuit against InfoWars, Alex Jones


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  • tasteless chap

    Some moderator on this page doesn't like contrary opinions. One of my comments--which used no vulgarity and insulted no one--was removed for reasons unknown to me. It's a shame that such sensitive people here wield so much power!

  • Joe Plascencia

    This is B.S. censorship. I think I'll listen even more now.

  • S Douglas McConnell

    They didn't win the lawsuit. They just won the part of the suit that deals with "discovery." The fake news want's people to think they won the suit. What they will find in discovery will be that they don't have a leg to stand on. This is exactly how the MSM uses the public's ignorance to fool them into believing they are winning. It's not a lie, but it's deceptive. They know people don't read the article, but only get their limited knowledge from the headlines.

  • Thomas

    Someone needs to explain to his attorneys that the First Amendment only applies to the government passing laws that restrict free speech. The First Amendment does not shield anyone from the consequences of their exercising free speech.

  • debugger

    And I suppose 6 million Jews were killed in Auschwitz, WTC buildings collapsed due to office fires and planes, and Oswald was a lone shooter and we really need the Federal Reserve to handle our money!

  • blueiiris

    Best news I've heard in 2019! Hope the scumbag millionaire pays for salting the wounds of grieving parents. May their children RIP.

  • Kathryn Baker

    Alex Jones is scum. He should be required to pay huge damages to those parents. He should go to jail.

  • Robert Merritt

    I see Jones' lawyer is trying the First Amendment defense. What they conveniently overlook is that the First Amendment says you have the right to speak without suppression from the government, which Alex Jones very much did. What it doesn't say is that you are not accountable for the consequences of what you choose to say. Lawyers like Jones' keep trying to muddle the argument. But, when you defame people and cause them grief and even put them at at risk of harm to profit from spreading conspiracy theories, you are not protected by the First Amendment. The people he attacked are not public figures, they're just the victims of a tragedy. They expressed their grief. They didn't attack him. I would say Alex Jones is screwed and I won't shed a tear over it.

  • Sam Adams

    A first step in the right direction.

  • MrTobias59

    Good. I hope these families utterly destroy this monster.

  • bob searle

    Why are comments being deleted? What content does not agree with the shill moderators?
    The idea this is a 'victory' is evidence ABC does not know what discovery is. At the end of discovery this is more than likely thrown out with summary judgment. There is no cause of action that can pass muster with even New England's crooked court system.

  • James Bond

    Legal system is farse + anything to do with jewjones is a $hi+ charade. A million dollars to whoever can name judge that signed off on cohens search and siezure hint it wasnt Ann-frank-enstein

  • Riki Nature

    Lock him (Jones) up! Lock him (Jones) up! Lock him (Jones) up!

  • That Guy

    So a guy who claims that frogs are turning gay is being sued for his speech because it caused further trauma? They will expand on this and further censor free speech.

  • Darlene Hopkins

    I'll never understand why someone like Jones has to be so cruel? He knows the truth, but wants to see how many people follow him. I hope he loses EVERYTHING.