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  • Robert Catt

    Ready to tell us what to think and act, after all he knows better he is rich.

  • wilmers13

    So he was impressed with Warren? I saw her say something like the American middle class has been hollowed out - but she forgot to ask why have we had a deterioration but China has lifted hundreds of millions into the middle class? Analytical skills missing or did the news editor snip that off the clip?

  • comment 1777

    oh goodie, i didn't think the democrats could find someone worse than Clinton, now they have found two with a third possibly running......

    i guess they really really want another 4 years of trump.

  • zayperformance


  • IndependentThinking

    Add another one to the Clown Car. Actually it's a bus but who cares.

  • Prophet With Honor

    He is actually self-made which speaks well to his ability. He is a moderate. Ignoring age he may be well suited.
    However, he is not the one.

  • Smedley D Butler

    Mike you and Mitt might team up for a primary challenge to Trump, but in all seriousness, I think all you are contemplating as a Democrat is just flushing a lot of money.

  • My two cents

    He made a compelling speech at the DNC in 2016 and it gave everyone a warning about Trump and what his Presidency would be like. He was actually very accurate. I just don't think a guy that has a history of flipping between supporting Republicans and then back to the Democrats is going to win. He's just another billionaire (although I actually believe his net worth) drunk on power.

  • Bob Marshall

    Look like a liberal Trump. Sorry, I'll pass.

  • hopesprings52

    Right now, Biden looks like the man. I'd like to see him choose a young, progressive vp.
    But Bloomberg is also very impressive. He has a proven record of success in government and business.

  • BD70

    No thanks. We have a president who isn't beholden to the tax payers and look how that is turning out. Trump supposedly funded his campaign by himself and is not taking a salary.

  • turtlemouth

    Don't like Trump but keep your nanny state in NY, Bloomberg.

  • Alberta Ed

    Just call him Big Gulp.

  • kittenpops

    Because so many people are clamoring for him to be president??

  • Chipnputt

    The democrat's debate stage gets fuller by the day. I wonder if they will surpass the republican's numbers of 2016?

  • david

    Please, please, please can we stop putting billionaires in charge? Stop thinking the 1% has any idea what the rest of the country needs or wants....

  • snake

    Mr. Bloomberg unlike Trump made his money the old fashioned way by earning every penny. He certainly has the right to spend it as he wishes and he would make an excellent president.