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  • Califexan

    Weird where are all the comments? Where are the facts that show he is wrong so we can shush the racists? Is the only argument against him that IQ tests aren't accurate?

  • working_class_hero

    Scientists have proposed that the unusual pattern of genetic diseases seen among Ashkenazi Jews is the result of natural selection for enhanced intellectual ability.

    "It would be hard to overstate how politically incorrect this paper is," said Steven Pinker, a cognitive scientist at Harvard, noting that it argues for an inherited difference in intelligence between groups. Still, he said, "it's certainly a thorough and well-argued paper, not one that can easily be dismissed outright."

    "Absolutely anything in human biology that is interesting is going to be controversial," said one of the report's authors, Dr. Henry Harpending, an anthropologist and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

    Maybe the real answer to the controversy is to acknowledge that IQ tests don't really measure intelligence all that well. In fact, intelligence is really very difficult to define. Is someone with a high IQ who develops nuclear weapons that kill millions of people necessarily more intelligent than someone with a lower IQ who develops a new style of music which brings joy to millions of people?

  • TexasVulcan

    What a shame. Brilliant scientist.