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  • David Hoffman

    On an average per capita basis the USA spends enough to provide every USA citizen with very affordable health care insurance. The problems are that we have a healthcare system with far too many non-value adding middlemen, far too many non-value adding companies consuming funds, and far too many citizens who don't get decent health care until they qualify for senior citizen Medicare.

  • Hanna68

    Unfortunately, NO plan will work until drug and medical service prices can be controlled. Big Phama and the private insurance agencies, who have decided who enters the WH for decades, have total control over how much care costs. Until this insidious political choke-hold can be broken, it matters very little which party comes up with what plan Note how some POTUSes have made perfunctory noises about controlling drug and medical service prices, but then all talking stops. Gotta keep the job.


    Healthcare prices is a true American crisis. Not that fake, made up "crisis" at the border designed to scare us.

  • Maine Mountain Woman

    Glad to see something positive come out of politics, for a change.

  • neophyte

    Brad's going to blow a gasket when he reads this story.

  • notagain

    At least someone is trying to do something. I'm still waiting for Trump's better and cheaper for all plan. Two years and the GOP did nothing but make it worse.