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  • Joe V

    It's nice for us to see those pictures of Jayme smiling with her aunt, but you know there has to be a lot of hurt bottled up inside her. Hopefully she will be okay.

  • Oldsquaw

    Like everyone else I am very relieved she has been found alive. But I disagree that she is a hero. Her aunts are so proud of her for being 'strong' and brave. But not everyone would have been able to endure her ordeal with strength and bravery. Some people would have completely fallen apart after seeing their parents brutally murdered. But that would not have made them lesser persons. Not everyone can be strong and brave yet they are still good and worthy people.

  • Tom Adams

    How strange. He didn't know the family, but for some reason he shaved his head to make it less likely that DNA would be found, broke into their house an hour from his house, murdered her parents, and then kidnapped her. Was he just driving around the area looking for an opportunity to kill people and kidnap a young girl?

  • Gumby

    Jayme’s aunt should stop posting photos of Jayme on Facebook. That might be one factor that led her abductor to her in the first place. She needs privacy and healing now - not publicity.

  • Ashmedai

    I am glad she has loving relatives to stay with. I wish her the best in her emotional recovery.

  • TheNamesOrly

    I'm going to say this about the media coverage. I'm glad for it because most of us saw news of when this girl was kidnapped (as well as stories of others), and afterward we wonder if/when a kidnap victim will be found, and during that time we might keep them in our thoughts and prayers. Then time passes, and turns into months, and sometimes we start to forget. The only way we know what happened is because of news stories like this, and unless it's on the front page of a news site for three or four days chances are a lot of people who could still be concerned are going to miss it because not everyone gets to read the news every day.

  • Get_Down

    "Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said Patterson had specific intentions to kidnap Jayme, but it remains unclear how he became aware of the girl, Fitzgerald said." - The previous statement is very naïve to say the least...Let me give a clue - "Facebook". Any FB user can find data (information) concerning/about other FB users. Don't believe me? When you read through this article as an example, how many times the little girl's family members mentioned that they used FB to announce this and that? Still have not learned anything yet? Just how pathetic the world has become...SMH.

  • ldstep

    Seems like there are more photos coming out of this little girl with her Aunts. Family supposedly request media give them some space. But the Aunts are continuously posting photos on Face Book and releasing photos to the media showing Jayme. That's disgusting. This little girl has gone through a horrendous event; and losing her parents? She does not need to be paraded in Face Book posts. Since this little girl no longer has her parents I hope the courts will appoint some type of guardian to protect this young girl and any proceeds coming from insurance policies or 'Go Fund Me' accounts. This family should be doing more to provide privacy for young Jayme. Instead they appear to be exploiting her in order to get their photos out there. Something is not right about this.

  • SGNH

    We are all thrilled she's safe but for goodness sake let the girl alone.

  • carrollfamily

    As happy as I am that she is alive and curious to know more about her ordeal, I wish that the media would give them some privacy.

  • kittenpops

    So glad this little girl is with family.

  • Joe V

    The perpetrator probably had seen and been observing Jayme for a while and had developed an infatuation with her. When someone has that mindset there is no telling what they might do. John Hinckley had developed an obsession with Jody Foster and he shot Ronald Reagan because of it.

  • horseplay

    I'm happy to see all the comments from people wanting to protect her privacy. This girl did not ask for her name and face to be splashed all over.

  • Dicazi

    So glad she is home and safe.
    But praying she and her family are allowed the privacy they need.

    Please, don't post any pics that aren't released by her family.
    People, don't buy or watch mags to tabloids that invade their privacy.

  • grampazero

    "Investigators have yet to comment on what Jayme endured during her 88 days in captivity."
    Oh really? Should we expect them to comment on that? Like everybody should be waiting to hear about it? Shut up.

  • Michelle R.

    It's a blessing she is home and recovering. I noticed this story and many other outlets saying " the details have not been revealed. "
    You know, we don't need to know all of the details. It's really no one's business to a large extent.She's recovering,and needs to focus on that. Social media can make it worse. Remember that case where a teen girl was taken by her teacher? The media released every brutal detail. They had no right to do that. Imagine the damage that caused. I wish this girl peace.

  • SarcasTex

    This will be a year of recovery for this young lady and I can only hope she gets all the help she needs. I've no doubt that her aunt will be a strong force in the recovery effort and I'm grateful that she will be in this young lady's life. I hope those other people, kids mostly, will give her the room she will need to adjust to her new life.

  • Retired and Happy

    Poor kid. Hope she pulls through.

  • Bluejay

    The media needs to back off on these stories a bit. Let the girl heal, and not bring even more weirdness to her life.

    It seems the Aunt is pushing for the media attention though.

  • End of Life Ritual

    Eventually we are going to find out what the connection was. This guy planned and executed the kidnapping. He had to have been stalking her somehow.

  • Sophie Rose

    Thank goodness this girl has her mother's sister to care for her. I hope that the press, people in general, the kids she goes to school with, just accept her back, do NOT question/speculate about what happened to her and allow her to speak of what happened when/if she chooses.

  • Lee Thompson

    Nothing like pets for therapeutic attention, and they seem to have a sixth sense for what one needs. Great pictures of Jayme at home with her Aunt and the dogs.
    So very happy for all involved.

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

    She still looks exhausted. I'm glad she's back, but keep her off of social media and let her actually recover as best she can at the moment.

  • The Terminator

    I hope and sure things will go well for her.

  • Hater_Baiter

    So happy she is home and she sure looks a lot like her Aunt