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  • adamrussell

    Judge: You are filing a motion to block a dna test because it is illegal to ask donors to take dna test?
    Lawyer: Yes your honor.
    Judge: So, you admit your client is the donor?
    Lawyer: Uh..

  • Sludge

    While the doctor has certainly breached the ethics border, and should loose his licence, but I wonder why it's such a big deal. If the couple opted to get a donor from a sperm bank, then the dad has no biological connection with the child anyway. The only thing missing is the fact they didn't get the picture-book father they thought they were getting. What they did get, was a (presumably) healthy intelligent daughter. Why can't they love her for who she is? Why are they so obsessed with the bloodline they chose from a book?

  • james jones

    A doctor using his own seed violates law through malfeasance.

  • TexasVulcan

    Since this doctor was not supposed to be a donor I think the law will not apply in the final analysis.