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  • Joie Balke

    State of California no longer charges ANYONE under the age of 16 as an adult.
    State of California no longer charges ANYONE who did not pull the trigger with murder. You can now drive the car to a planned murder, and not be charged with murder.
    State of California no longer grants ICE access to jails to remove dangerous criminals from the country.

    Yet the State of California thinks they are protecting the poorest among us.

  • anastasiabeaverhousen

    So they were looking for a 15 year old runaway at the 24 year old victim's home? What was his connection to these minor girls? Sounds like maybe a case of statutory rape "gone wrong".

  • claudia dunkirk

    Typical story from Second Amendment Land.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Blame the kids
    Blame the parents
    Blame child protective services
    Blame the NRA

    Wait until we know what happened, OK?

  • Rick Chase

    What IS it with kids these days? When I was that age, we wouldn't even THINK such things.

  • babs1960

    So tragic.
    But at age 14 and 15. Girls at that. Sickening