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  • arriba65

    I just don't see any way the report is not being made public. And if it is held back, everyone will know it's because there is something damning in there for Trump. Not his campaign, not his administration - something that shows the president himself is guilty of a crime.

  • sane one

    This Schiff guy is like the energizer bunny. He just keeps going and going. He just isn't going to accept a Mueller report if it doesn't show what he wants. From what I gather from earlier reports, Mueller and his team gathered Russian intelligence reports on their interference methods. The AG has to screen that final report to ensure that the hows of that collection method doesn't get leaked out because it could let the Russians know thing they shouldn't. You'd think Schiff would know that. After watching this Bozo for all these months, I get the impression that he fears his reputation is on the line because of all these scenarios he's been putting out about collusion on the weekend news shows?

  • Native Trout

    Rep. Adam Schiff: Waa waa waaaaaaahhh. Wa wa waaaaaaaah!

  • WhoCheckedRussia'sVoterID

    There is only one reason really real reason why someone might want to withhold this report. The contents are so damn bad that keeping them secret will result in less blowback (and the blowback will be epic) than if they were released. If the end result of this is no report and trump saying "No Collusion!!" Ehhhhh...I see some negative polling numbers in the future for some republicans.

  • P'Thizikil

    Barr is in charge, after all. And he says he will report to Congress. I'm sure all he has to do is fill in the blanks on the standard report form he has always used. He probably has already finished it.

  • Andrew Kent Jaussi

    Adam Schiff is a liar of the worst order. I don't care about the report. If anything Mueller needs to be investigated for obstruction, destroying evidence and conspiracy in attempting to bring down Trump. Everyday that Mueller sits as the SC, he is breaking the law as is Rosenstien and Comey. HRC should have been arrested by now and at least brought to trial for her law breaking.

  • foldincaulfield

    If they don't want it to be viewed
    Then Trump is screwed

  • Ursus.Rexx

    Re: "...The Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is blasting two Justice Department officials for saying the department could ultimately refuse to grant Congress access to documents from special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, with the top Democrat denouncing those claims as "absolutely insupportable..."

    The Mueller report will either be published, ('appropriate'!!), for every citizen who want's to read it, and/or...someone will leak it! (unavoidable!)...
    Trying to keep the Mueller Rpt. under wraps makes this sociopathic presidential_wannabe look even worse, if that's possible!

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Trump's DOJ is laying a lot of groundwork for burying the Mueller report. They must know something bad is coming.

  • NuffAlready

    The truth will come out either way...It will either be released (not likely) or it will be leaked (quite likely if it is not released).

    What Donald Trump and his protectors need to know is that the polls that suggested the American People do not trust Donald Trump, and the polls suggesting that they believe Michael Cohen over Donald Trump, are both damning enough.

    He'll get his.

  • HawkeyeDJ

    Quite simple, really. If the report exonerates the president, it will be released. If it implicates the president, it won't be. And if it is not released officially, the Mueller team will likely start leaking like a sieve.

  • wakeup234

    Why all this fear mongering on what hasn't even happened yet ?

  • mikevietvet68/69

    if this report is not released then all americans should understand that this country is not a free country and they,the powers that be are as corrupt as any country on the planet earth.

  • Jen Borden

    So, Fatty has a couple right wing stooges in the Justice Dept?
    No real shocker there.
    Fortunately for America, President Russian Asset doesn't have his short corrupt fingers in all law enforcement.
    There are enough good, honest people left that this information will get out no matter what.

  • TrueBlue

    This is the biggest political scandal since Watergate. No way the GOP can bury the findings. The truth will come out one way or another.

  • fastone

    Moderators if you're there.....I had a post that was nothing but two quotes from Patrick Henry and marked as such and I never added a word from me and the post was removed. I really think deserve some explanation for it...I've been mystified from jump how these boards moderated, I've not once seen a moderator post for clarification and had more posts removed here in week than had deleted in prior 20 years on message boards but to have a post removed simply for quoting Patrick Henry kinda takes the cake....that's some blatant censorship that feels deserves if not an apology at minimum an explanation.....

  • RohnertPark1

    By the time the Mueller investigation gets released there anything of import will be redacted.

  • KatsMind

    I'm prepared for this to show nothing. I am eagerly awaiting all the SDNY investigations and charges against the tRump cabal.

  • JohnC

    So the DOJ won't prosecute a president in large part because they feel congress impeaching is the correct way to handle a bad / criminal president. Ok, fine, but now that means that congress has to have access to all sources of information (witnesses, DOJ findings, etc.) in order to do its job. If neither the DOJ nor congress can do the job then the president really is fully above the law and I don't think anyone wants that.

  • dan

    The report could go two ways. Trump is innocent of the suspensions or mueller has evidence of his guilt. Does ANYONE think for one second Trump would allow the report to be hidden if it proves innocence? If any part of the report is hidden from the American people, we will know the truth.

  • (redacted)

    There is no trusting the justice department anymore after Trump forced most top officials out that didnt swear loyalty to him. They have to made public because there is no guarantee they would even recommend charges on the president even if he broke the law in the most blatant and evil way

  • Truthful Opinion

    One way to know if Muller's report will get released to the public is it clears Trump of any wrongdoing.But if the report shows wrongdoing and collusion then the report may not be released until it is heavily redacted. So Trump can gloat that there was no collusion.

  • DCClark

    Is there an investigation that Trump and his band of misfits haven't tried to obstruct yet..in plain sight too

  • truthseeger_2002

    Does anyone seriously believe this wouldn't eventually be leaked anyway? Especially if there is anything damaging to Trump?

  • No.77

    We will see the report. Period.
    If not you will start a civil war.

  • bill_owens

    This is a kind of a silly article. Schiff does not have subpoena power over the special council’s office. Additionally, Barr cannot be forced to release a report in contravenence of law.
    It’s an attempt to apply political pressure a priori.
    The public will see whatever information that doesn’t identify any individuals who are not subject to or will not be indicted.

  • BlueHouston

    I have no concerns that the report will not be made public. They absolutely will be made public even if Speaker Pelosi has to stomp on William Barr's foot as a distraction and then snatch it out of his grubby paws.

    Make no mistake. We will see the Mueller Report.

  • molimelight

    In keeping with my policy of re-posting posts that were deleted by some RWNJ child, here's one I posted earlier: Let's hope there's a Mark Felt or a Daniel Ellsberg who can lay their hands on the full report and leak it verbatim to the major news

  • Alex Ross

    Hey! Why would you HIDE innocence?

  • Alex Ross

    It's going to get out. Trump will be toast from this or SDNY.

    73% of America CAN'T WAIT!

  • unusual

    A couple of publishing companies are already gearing up to publish the Mueller report on March 26th. Do they know something we don't or are they just getting prepared?

  • John Michael Davis

    We'll see it, someone will leak it. No worries here.

  • IndependentThinking

    When the Republicans had the House, the DOJ was stonewalling then. I don't know why we can't see this information.

  • Steve Eversole

    This guy has been saying for the past year and a half that he has seen...with his on eyes...evidence of Russian collusion. Almost every weekend he's on this station or another saying he has seen it. The jig is almost up. When the report comes out I do indeed hope we get to see it all...because you all already know it's going to say no collusion. And when that happens....well, they don't make water hot enough to wash of the stink that's going to be on the media and the DNC. Terry Moran said it himself just this past Sunday. "It will be a reckoning". He get's it. Nancy said No Impeachment...she get's it too. They already know. ;)