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  • homebuoy

    Isn't Norquist the guy that's the great advocate of starving the government's revenue stream. ?

    Yet... now he's advocating this spending outrage ?

  • carcar

    Are they going to be ordering 8000 1 million dollar screws?

  • tj

    If there's any measure of common sense left in Congress this budget proposal will not pass. Idiot regime.

  • Helon Wheels

    Since Trump is insistent on removing the USA from policing world problems, why would the military complex require MORE money, you would think the costs should be going down.

  • Thomas

    Even if the funding is there, construction still has to go through the FAR acquisition system. That alone can take months perhaps a year. Then there will be the lawsuits which will further delay.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Trump decided he needed a slush fund in that massive Defense budget to sneak in his wall. At least that is better than stealing it from emergency response budgets. But I have a feeling this "proposal" will not pass muster by the people who actually pass budget legislation.

  • justanewsreader

    Even a blind man to see what is going on here. Das Trump and his minions are manipulating budgets that puts Bernie Madoff to shame, just to build that insane, stupid wall. Taking money from here and there, shifting it around, then lumping it into a Military Budget - if Democrats vote it down, Das Trump will say they are trying to destroy the military, make our country unsafe, and the same old venom that spews from his evil mouth. The Trumpeteers are sick, sick, sick evil right wing racist evangelical misogynistic manipulators.

  • 40acre

    Grover Norquist??? Where have I heard that name before...


    Nothing that actually helps the majority of people in this country.

    Plenty that helps special interests or egotistical narcissists.

  • Mark Couture

    The bloated pentagon needs to cut it's budget in half. But as we know those federal contractors are major contributors to both parties. The Pentagon is by far the most wasteful part of the federal budget

  • Richard Smith

    Nothing but fodder for the campaign trail.

  • Educated

    No increase funding for things we actually need like infrastructure, 911 victims, and education.