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  • Thomas

    I would have wanted to see more on the Witness Tampering charge. That should be a very serious crime as it undermines our justice system.

  • TheHonorableDoggy

    I wish Manafort a long life in prison. I hope he croaks the day before his release. He didn't get a big enough sentence.

  • jake

    My guess is Manafort will be pardoned that day after elections in 2020. If Trump is re-elected Trump won't care one way or the other since he can't run for president anymore so he will pardon him for kicks and grins since they're buddies and it will just be kicking sand in the faces of all good American playing by the rules. If Trump is defeated in the 2020 election, Trump will pardon Manafort sometime between the November 2020 election and the January 2021 swearing in of the new president while Trump still has POWER!

  • B£üeÐeviĺdőģ!! -

    The treasonous scum deserved much more.

  • gypsy

    Still not long enough.

  • DownTheStretch

    ...and how does our President feel about the crimes his former campaign manager committed? Does he feel really sorry for the victims, the citizens of these United States?

  • TaDa!

    There was much ballyhoo made about Cohen being a scumbag liar after he was convicted of lying to protect Trump. But nary a peep from the Trumpicans when Manafort is convicted lying to protect himself from exposure of his felonious deeds❗

  • Bud Simpson

    "As he left the courthouse, Manafort attorney Kevin Downing told ABC News that he was "disappointed" in the sentence. He called Judge Jackson "hostile towards Mr. Manafort," with a level of "callousness" he said he hasn't seen in his many years of white-collar prosecution."

    Manafort's attorney probably thinks that the judge should have given Manafort a medal. Honestly why does the media even bother getting a statement from these shysters? All they do is tell you how wrongly their client has been treated.

  • truthseeger_2002

    "faces 81 months total behind bar" -- 81 months, huh? Because everyone was so disappointed with the earlier 4 years sentence, the media has resorted to reporting the new total sentence in months.

  • stamped human bacon

    Imagine the Trump/Manafort interview for campaign manager...

    Trump: So, Paul, what have you been up to?

    Manafort: Well, I was the chief political strategist to the man who became the president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, with whom I would swim naked outside his banya. All to the tune of tens of millions of dollars that I stashed in havens like Cyprus and the Grenadines.

    At the same time, I've been committing felony bank and tax fraud schemes... Check out this coat made from an ostrich!

    Anyway, now I want to come run your presidential campaign for free!

    Trump: You're hired!

  • Bowyer Family

    Will he share a cell with Bernie Madoff, the sole scapegoat from the 2008 global financial crisis?

  • Truthfully

    Manafort's lawyer is now being paid by trump...………………………...NO COLLUSION!

    What a bunch of Crooks!

  • Justbkind16

    After Manafort's sentencing, Donald said that he felt bad for him. Wait, what? This guy defrauded the United States out of millions of dollars. The same country that he is president of and the same one that he swore to defend and uphold its laws. Can anyone deny how irrational his comment is?

  • theamericanway

    In a country where Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson are found not guilty for murder, 8 years for Manafort isn't so bad.

  • arlecchino

    This traitor should be in jail for 81 years for defrauding the American people.
    I hope NY state is a lot harsher and toss this Russian mole in jail for life, no parole.

  • Army Brat

    The Republican Party of law and order has become the Party of we don’t give a dam

    They only support what’s gets them Trumps admiration

  • Army Brat

    A black teen gets 20 years for a 1/2 pound of pot and Manafort gets 7 years for over 15 felonies and stealing millions from the government

  • tet1953

    To those who criticize the NY move as political I would point out that any move they made prior to Manafort's sentencing being done would also be deemed political. Doing nothing until it was finished was obviously the right path.

  • Kai Segelkin

    Wait 'til New York gets through with him. I'm proud to come from New York today.

  • Lee Thompson

    The Manhattan D.A.'s indictment is great - Checkmate! Pardon can't touch state convictions.

  • GarfieldRocks

    All these guys going to prison for crimes they committed in order to get Donald Trump elected and Donald is kicking back, reaping the rewards and saying "gee, I feel bad".

  • Bill Toone

    Roger Stone is next. Lock them up.

  • MarcoDoc

    Trump and his sycophants represents The most corrupt administration in history.

  • Bluejay

    They should make this witch wear a pointy black hat and carry a broom the next 7 years!

  • Del Capslock

    Life is short, and every day of life is precious. 7.5 years behind bars takes a lot away, but then Trump associates do a lot of wrong.

  • Mikhail

    Wow, the prison Manafort is going to stay is like club fed, YMCA for the white collar criminals who got caught.

  • Jen Borden

    My favorite part was the crowd shouting down his creepy lawyer as he was trying to lie about what the judge said.
    I've never seen so many liars and crooks in one place as in Trump's circle.

  • MarcoDoc

    No president in history has ever had his campaign manger convicted and sentenced for multiple felonies

    Trump sure knows how to hire the best people

  • Sage 9.5

    You can bet the NY AG has another sealed indictment against trump for the exact same charges as Manafort....just laughing and biding his time.

  • jake

    Bagged another witch today! Woo-hoo!

  • goatboy

    Apparently, treasonous activity is viewed as an asset by some judges. We know for a fact that there are partisan judges who are corrupt as we saw with Kavanaugh's appointment and the judge in Manafort's first sentencing. It has slapped Americans in the face just how corrupt the Anarchist (Republican) party really is! Mitch McConnell has lied, cheated, and stolen, as the top guy in the senate. Since their campaign to divide the nation along political lines began about two and a half decades ago, the ensuing carnage has allowed far right corruption to flourish and with the arrival of Trump they saw an opportunity to take over the country. This bunch are not political players, they are anti-American activists seeking to usurp power permanently, free to rape and pillage devoid of any ilk of oversight. They are following Putin's model of dictatorship under the guise of a Democracy. Though, they are well aware that Trump is an unhinged, ego-maniacal, malignant narcissist, the trademark personality of dictators, McConnell and others see him as a means to an end and expendable. Manafort is rich, white, corrupt, and willing to work with murderous regimes for big money and therefore an asset to this right wing coup. The corrupt first sentence, where he got about 12 years less than the lowest guidelines, is the tip of the destructive iceberg that is melting rapidly over the USA. Citizens beware! The lunatic fringe is making a play to seize power and whether or not there is ever another election, the right will claim victory one way or another. Trump's meetings with Putin, where no other American was allowed to know what was said resulted in Trump propping up and legitimizing the murderous N Korean dictator and allowing him to stockpile nukes! This couldn't be a more telling sign that Trump is backing and receiving information from Putin on how to become a dictator. Are Americans so stupid as to not see what Trump is doing, beginning with his endless attacks on a free press, a free press that is the cornerstone of a healthy Democracy. Wake up USA! Donald Trump is following Putin's path from Democratic president to dictator almost to a tee.

  • Furrmin The Cat

    HA! The State of New York put a permanent end to the pardon speculation. Trump can do absolutely nothing to keep New York from putting this convict away for the rest of his life. He had his chance and put his faith in Trump. Huge mistake!

  • Red Hawk

    Judge again gives Manafort a pass

  • briteleaf

    Out of over 57,000 defendants charged with the same crimes as Trump's Campaign Manager, only one other received a sentence as minor as Manafort. Justice in America is ONLY FOR THE WEALTHY AND THE WHITE.

  • Carol Robbins

    Ah,ha, ha, haaaaaaaaa!

  • Jiba

    good deal

  • Palmettopatriot76

    Lisa Page has confirmed via her testimony that Loretta Lynch colluded with the FBI to ensure Hillary Clinton would not be indicted for her criminal acts. This is the real collusion we need to investigate.

  • Ichiban

    Yay, Manhattan's DA is preparing to charge Manafort with state crimes ...
    A Trump pardon will not be able to save him from serving time in prison ...

  • tet1953

    For anybody who thinks Manafort is going to a "country club" prison, think again. There really is no such thing in the federal prison system. I was curious about it so I did a little reading. Even a minimum-security prison, where a white-collar financial crimes convict might expect to go, is a life of drudgery and discipline and no privacy. Surely a shock to the system of someone who lived the "high life."

  • GbreadMan

    Don't worry, Putin will take good care of Manafort's other undisclosed bank accounts.

    Even with the IRS fines he's making millions cheating taxes, and his tax burden gets dumped on the rest of the American taxpayers.

  • Jackee

    he doesn't want to the court to take any more time away from him and his wife?? he lived a life, with her, of wealth, privilege, and influence.. he already HAD his time.. and he wasted it.. what he loses now is his fault

  • USAF Retired

    Wanting you and your wife to be together is not justification for you not to feel the full brunt of what you've been charged with. You weren't thinking about your wife when you were committing all those crimes, so don't expect the court system to have any sympathy on you now.