Spa owner whose consulting firm marketed access to President Trump is living a ‘nightmare’: Lawyer


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  • ReviewTheFacts

    Sleaze hangs with sleaze. Why am I not surprised?

  • Babooph

    Finally a Trump fan with a smart business plan ,GOP guys paying for sex.How can it miss?

  • EvilAtheist

    So.....she knows nothing about the prostitution being offered at her business? And that's in no way related to her clientele of rich, pathetic old men who must pay for sex?

  • Jake realy Jake

    Trump the real nightmare, bar none!

  • FL Guy 01

    But immigrants can't love America! Right trumpers?

  • hold-the-phone

    Headline: Spa owner whose consulting firm marketed access to President Trump is living a ‘nightmare’: Lawyer
    Good. It's tough to feel sorry for people with self-inflicted injuries...

  • Dicazi

    She tried to make money from promising access to Trump. She deserves to be in trouble for that.

    She might have started the prostitution racket and trafficked in sex slaves. Or she has very poor taste in buyers. Again, that needs to be investigated.

  • Camus53

    Hmmmm....the self anointed protecters of all things donnie have been busy scrubbing out many comments.

    Do hope you all know that in addition to the original story and pics from NewYears...we now find out this madame has been even busier at MAL:
    Li Yang, the woman who once owned the Jupiter massage parlor at the center of a human-trafficking investigation, attended a party honoring President Donald Trump last month at Trump’s part-time winter home and private club, Mar-a-Lago.

    Toni Holt Kramer, organizer of the party, said Yang purchased two tickets and brought a friend. The tickets for the Feb. 23 event gave her access to an exclusive VIP reception in the property’s white-and-gold ballroom, where Trump’s son, Eric, and U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross visited with guests."

    Now why do you ask the unique singular interest in the trumps? Can you say Chinese agent?

    Yang has held leadership roles in groups linked to the Chinese Communist Party. In April, she mingled with top Communist officials at an exclusive conference in China that showcased the nation’s leader."

    Ms. Yang also has shared photos of her and members of the trump admin. grom inside the White Hpuse itself.

    Too close for comfort...or getting close for comfort.

    Keep an eye out on the foreign agent angle to this growing story.

  • Alex Ross

    She's living a nightmare? Good!

  • John S. Henchey

    Let's go back to the Massage parlor thingy....That's interesting....Did Trump recommend it to Kraft?

  • Cammosutra

    Well, this lady is about to get an expensive lesson in influence peddling laws and the US criminal justice system. Have fun, darlin'.

  • Grrrrrr

    Awww... I really feel sorry for her. I mean it. I really do... :|

  • OliverWendellSr

    So, other than this she's "led a blameless life?" A la Manafort?

  • Jake realy Jake

    Let's be 100% honest: anybody, his business associates, his personal associates,minor Miss Teen America contestants, workers at all his resorts & family connected to Trump are living a 'nightmare'!....Join the club Spa owner..

  • Edmund S

    Question...Is Trump actually capable of having any sort of business or financial that's 100% legit? Seems to me everything he or his family have their hands in is becoming subjected to lawsuits, criminal charges, convictions, jail time or scandal. Trump must be terrified when his 'reign' is over because he's going to be spending the rest of his life in jail. I mean seriously do you not think that if they have this much on all of his associates that they don't have a bit on him. The other day someone asked me if I could be anyone in the world who would I be. I replied Trump. For just one day I would love to see the inside of his world and just how bad it's really going in the White House. Then again I'm the kind of guy who really enjoys a literal dumpster fire.

  • Nala


  • JCNH

    Articles like this are exactly why you can’t take ABC seriously.

  • Cammosutra

    For sale. The United States of America's foreign policy. Call "Cindy".

    Influence Peddling for Dummies.

  • tj

    Meh, zero sympathy for her or any other follower of the classless amoral unethical orange idiot

  • TexasVulcan

    Seems perfectly reasonable to me. You want access to a criminal, you appeal to his baser instincts.

  • DownTheStretch

    When you swim with the sharks expect to get bitten

  • inonepeice

    Our President is for sale.

  • Ichiban

    Not even a Snickers bar can calm or improve the looks of Cindy & ME-lania ...
    One is living a "nightmare" while the other is the most "bullied" person in the world ...
    The Trump effect ...

  • pprty

    The spa owner's nightmare began when she met Trump.

  • WhosVoice

    Looks like another FARA violation.

  • Alex Ross

    You hang with smelly, corrupt people - you too start to STINK.

  • eeriesponsiple

    “This is a woman who led a very quiet, innocent life,” Merson said. Influence peddling involving the likes of Trump is never quiet and is certainly not innocent.Reminds me of Hanover Fist in Heavy Metal.

  • Gumby

    She can be otherwise a decent person, but owning a sleazy “message” parlor and selling false hope of contact or influence with the president and his family are not decent acts.


    I'm sure Jesus would be proud of Trump having connections to a human trafficking ring.

  • Peanut Butter

    She loves this country long time.

  • GarfieldRocks

    That picture of Donald sure does show a guy that's a real happy camper. Grinning from ear to ear. hmmm

  • Deep Cover

    Why is she concerned? Everybody knows all about Trump's dirty shenanigans over the years.

  • Sage 9.5

    Who else but trump would get caught up with some sleazy commie brothel owner and human trafficker.

  • markgagnon890

    The look Trump gave when asked about the connection with Kraft and that massage parlour connection with Mara la lago , gee I wonder why ? .. his head was starting to smoke through the ears ..
    Imagine this .. you have a national enquire guy named mr Pecker a great Trump buddy ... Trump with porn Stars prior to the election and a Chinese “entrepreneur “ who owned a bunch of the massages parlours oa few years ago ... the rest I’ll leave it to you America,
    Love Canada ..

  • markgagnon890

    If it looks like duck and quacks like a duck then it must .. trump ? Wait I forgot how that went , I need some

  • TexWho

    .... had only taken photos with him like many other Mar-a-Lago attendees. ---
    Buy a membership to a Trump property and get access to the president.
    Kind of the point is it not.

  • Harvey Yazijian

    Everyone who gets near Trump eventually gets burnt. He's so toxic.

  • biome

    She's an opportunist with no morals who ran a front company and tried to dupe people. Are they sure she isn't close friends with the Trumps? Birds of a feather...

  • Lee Thompson

    They all rake in the money, run with the big dogs, and then when they are exposed, they whine and want it all to go away. Take your money, honey and retire on a south sea island.

  • Starderup

    Al Czervik:
    Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it.

  • khantot

    Deport her already! She's a Chinese agent.

  • SillyRabbitTricksR4Kids

    And it's a coincidence that the OWNER of the PATRIOTS decides to get a massage in a little strip mall massage establishment just 30 minutes away from Mar-a-Lago. I read somewhere that a link to the place used to be on Mar-a-Lago's website. There is no evidence of any link now. Hmmmm.

  • Starderup

    I wonder if Gronk threw away his gift certificate to Yankme Day Spa yet,

  • Starderup

    This is a true EMERGENCY!!!!

    How many jobs must be lost?
    A job is a job, even if it is manual labor. You know, by hand.
    Jobs are being lost as we speak.
    Oh, the humanity!!!

  • 409stain

    So I guess you have to present a gift to be in audience of the King. The founders are roll in their graves. What slim.

  • kritikosman

    The whole of anything trump is a nightmare!

  • Jim D.

    She is a person who "has lived a very quiet life, doing good things for herself, her family and her community”, who happened to run a number of massage parlors, and allegedly sold access to Trump. Nothing to see here. Just move on.

  • jake

    Meanwhile, Don Jr was overheard saying "Those people were Chinese? I thought they were Russians! I need a better program!"

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Some of you may remember old movies where people would be walking billboards advertising restaurants and stores. That is now how I picture Trump. Wearing one of those sandwich boards advertising "Open for Business" "No Offers Rejected". Equal Opportunity Bribes Gladly Accepted".

    Inquire Within.

  • Sedibob

    “This is a woman who led a very quiet, innocent life,” Merson said.
    “[She is a] good person, who came to this country to live the American

    Coming from her lawyer, I'm sure that's a factual statement. I hope Yang enjoys potentially fatal roller-coaster rides. She's on one now, bigly!

  • MarcoDoc

    You lay down with a dog like trump and you get up with fleas

    Have fun !

  • Lee Thompson

    If this woman wasn't involved in sex trafficking and hasn't done anything wrong, she has nothing to worry about.