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    Trump has a history of being a control freak. There's nothing he won't meddle in to try to get his way.

  • B£üeÐeviĺdőģ!! -

    New FBI HQ to be built behind the maids quarters at the Trump Washington Hotel. The FBI will, of course, be required to pay rent to The Trump Organization (but there are no emolument issues).

  • GarfieldRocks

    As if Donald has no problem with a hotel going in right across the street from his. Nah, Donny wouldn't throw a hissy fit over that. /s

  • EnjoyingTheView

    Oh yeah, SURE Trump has "nothing" to do with ensuring his exorbitantly priced resort had ZERO competition directly across the street!
    Rrriiiigggghhhhtttt !!! Whatever you say... Sure we believe that...

  • Truthfully

    Okay so last year a document was released from the Government to the public saying trump was fully involved.
    Now the trump enabler testified trump had no involvement???

    Why is it that the idiots coming out to stick up for trump don't do their homework?

    Or is money worth more than their credibility?

  • Colinalcarz

    She strongly denied the president was involved. So of course we believe her as we do all who strongly deny.

  • Bud Simpson

    There seems to be a very real pattern to the stories regarding Donnie. First there's an accusation. Second there's a resolute denial from Trump, or a representative of Trump, denying the story. Third is comprehensive material proving that Trump is guilty. Fourth is silence from Trump, or a pathetic attempt to challenge the authenticity of the proof.

    I'm thinking Trump's house of cards is starting to fall, and over the next 19 months, we're going to see a shocking disclosure of the worst president the United States has ever experienced.