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  • kcmookie

    I am liberal, and cannot stand Trump. This is actually something I agree with, and is sort of common sense. Every country has their standards, and as a US citizen, if I wanted to move to Belize or Costa Rica, you have to prove income stream and/or wealth. This should have been US policy all along.

  • Reddig Dogstone

    We need immigrants that contribute to the economy and fabric of America. What we don't need are unskilled and unemployable drains on society and our limited resources.

    I work daily with dozens of immigrants who are educated and technically outstanding developers. Taxpayers and contributors to society. Need more of them.

  • Ichiban

    Good thing, the US Refugee Act of 1980 is still intact for asylum seekers ...

  • Whatdafuq

    From experience paying Medicaid claims what Trump is saying is correct. Under Barry Soetoro tens of thousands if not more of old aged 70-90 were brought in and put directly onto welfare/medicaid. In addition to them there are millions of old illegal aliens doing the same thing. Their medical bills are excessive and taxpayers shouldn't be forced to support them.

  • TexasVulcan

    Are these people applying to come to the USA as legal residents and allowed to work? Seems like a better idea that those who come on tourist or student visas and never leave.

  • olavi

    Wise policy not to let in people who are only burden for nation.

  • SouthlandRover

    Is there anybody who could possibly oppose this?