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  • Furrmin The Cat

    And Trump cannot pardon him. The timing of this was perfect. Manafort now realizes the jig is up. He should have turned and saved himself like all crime boss family members do.

  • Jake realy Jake

    Keep Him Locked Up!

  • JonnyDeuce

    I love how New York sprung this trap right after Manafort got more time in jail from another trial. Another swamp rat caught.

  • Janie

    Aww, Trump feels sorry for a convicted criminal... and he's never thought of a pardon... riiight..

  • kritikosman

    That lawyer's (downing) comment and ending smirk says it all~what a bunch of malarkey!

  • kritikosman

    Well that'll take care of the pardon gamp.

  • MarcoDoc

    Trump plays checkers while Mueller & the NY AG are playing three dementional chess

  • BetoMales Unite

    I get the gout sometimes, like Paul but not as bad I suppose.

  • Kondar

    Doesn't he look like Micheal J. Fox ( Sorry MJF I have always been a big fan and am proud to be one)

  • bil

    If Manafort is pardoned, expect him to be arrested by NYS before the ink is dry. Presidential pardons will not work here (in NY State). If I were Manafort, I would be more concerned about my family. Don't forget, he's broke, and owes Deripaska a ton of money. I doubt he will let it slide. Paul, it $uck$ to be you right now.

  • Kai Segelkin

    Very similar to Trump's crimes. And I bet Donald's not the only Trump family member who has committed serious crimes in New York,

  • Band, On the Run

    Did anyone see Manafort's lawyer speaking after today's sentencing?

    There was a guy behind him holding up a sign that said...."This is a Sign".

  • I Think

    Is it worth lying and cheating for 20 plus years so you can live in luxury, and then living the rest of your life and dying in prison?

  • diogenes

    The legal profession claims lawyers can not be regulated, so it expects society to entrust it to police its own. Since lying is definitely not allowed, and Kevin Downing appears in public as a lawyer to misrepresent what a judge has said in court, what can we expect the lawyer community to do about this?

  • Oak Kay

    Ok let us look at the lay of the land as it is going to be at least 2 years before President Perp pardons Manafort on the Fed side as the minute after he issues his first pardon President Perp knows his reElection chances turn to less than a snowballs chance!
    And considering Manafort plead guilty that means a State Trail is going to be a lot easier for the DA to win so we are looking at sure 15 to 20 years for Manny in Attica!
    And this in hindsight for a President Perp pardon promise Manafort traded a couple of years in country club jail with a Mueller Deal and is now looking at over 3 years in a Fed Prison with another 10 to 15 years in a State Pen!!!
    Way To Go I hope Manafort enjoys dying in Atticas Prison Hospital!

  • TexasVulcan


    How is it that Trump hires all these great people? Or is it just criminals who are even willing to entertain the suggestion of working for Trump?

  • otm

    The wheels on the bus go round and round and then fly off as Trump crime family goes to prison.

  • Jen Borden

    The wheels are flying off the Trump Crime Train.

  • BD70

    Wonder how Manafort likes that wall he just ran into. Guess he and his wife better get over needing each other.

  • MarcoDoc

    Matt Whitaker just admitted that Trump obstructed justice and asked him to put another prosecutor ( who was a trump sycophant ) in charge of the SDNY

  • MdawgMike

    This guy just keeps on WINNING!!

  • Jamie Vetter

    The FBI was run by republicans when these crimes were committed. Think about it for a moment. They arrest kids who sell dope but let white collar criminals go free.

  • BuffaloJlo

    Time to pay New York now slime bag

  • Jamie Vetter

    Just think, the only reason he was caught is because he worked for Trump. Imagine all the other criminals that no one looks at. The FBI has been failing us for a very long time. It's not possible to commit this many crimes and go undetected unless the FBI is corrupt.

  • Bill Simon

    a rare glimpse of the light of justice in gloomy days

  • otm

    Now we need Trump crime family to be indicted, tried and jailed.

  • Magik13

    The SDNY is working with NY State on investigations into Trump's campaign finance felonies, his money laundering, tax evasion, and other crimes. They are also looking at Don Jr, Jared, and Ivanka who all broke many laws. A very intelligent thing Mueller did arranging this...it makes Trump's pardon power worthless.

  • Magik13

    Good....now Trump's pardon is worthless and Manafort will more than likely die behind bars...which is a horrible fate that I would not wish on anyone. However, this is a man that stole millions from Americans and the treasury. He is a traitor that gave polling data to Kilimnik....a Russian agent. No collusion? MY rear end no collusion. When your campaign Manager hands polling data to an adversary and then lies about it...that is collusion and obstruction,

    Trump is a reckless, irresponsible idiot and not a president. The buck stops with the President and Trump is responsible for Manafort's actions. But when your name is Trump, the buck does not stop and no one takes responsibility in his sorry administration of incompetent criminals.

  • donaldopeoples

    Manafort is just one matey on Capt. Trump's ship of syphilitic pirates. By the time the courts get done, there will be enough convicts to have their own wing at the federal pen. That way they don't infect the rest of the prison population.

  • Bluejay

    Trump can only pardon federal crimes.

    Manafort has had his last day as a free man.

  • RPGpgmr

    This traitor needs a long enough prison sentence to make him come out in a pine box.