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  • murray

    health care costs in America are criminal supported by a Repub support effort.

  • TexWho

    What the market will bear and they are finding out that have price their products too high.

  • fmd160

    Even so, Lillly’s Kueterman said the authorized generic (original) insulin “is going to help hopefully move the system towards a more sustainable model.” “I can guarantee you the reason that we’re doing this is to help people,” Kueterman said, noting the company’s Diabetes Solution Center has also helped “10,000 people each month pay significantly less for their insulin” since it opened in August.
    Yeah, right. They're doing this to try to counteract the bad publicity big pharma is taking over the high prices, and to try to counteract any legal hearings and lawsuits at the same time.

    “It sounds really good, and it will help some people, which is great,” Gilmer said. “It’s Eli Lilly and pharma starting to understand that grassroots activism has to be taken seriously, and we are at a tipping point.”
    To "help some people" is not exactly inclusive of all those who need help.
    My question is, if they can afford to label their original product as a generic and lower the price, why can't they just lower the price of their insulin products across the board? They would make up for their (greedy) lost profits by cornering the market with subscriptions with their lower prices.

  • Asena

    I’m a type 1 and the costs are atrocious. What most people who aren’t diabetic probably don’t know is that, yes, it’s not just one kind of insulin, unless you’re using an insulin pump, but there’s also test strips and lancets, CGM (continuous glucose monitor) and all its supplies, insulin pump and it’s supplies, then you get to the actual insulin, not to mention endocrinology visits and blood tests every three months. I’ve done the math and it’s about $20,000-$25,000 a year for all of those things. I went through a couple of years where I was living in a big city on a small income, barely breaking even with rent and food costs, and had to make my insulin stretch. I remember feeling sick from not having enough insulin. Thankfully I had people close enough to me who helped me out. I got a better job and insurance but it was awful to not have enough of the medicine that is literally what keeps me alive.