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  • FOD Kills

    As long as I got my bagged milk and a Burger King nearby I can do without that city life.

  • Dewey Brooks

    Not one word about overpopulation and what to do about it ...

  • Compassion4all

    Funny thing is that big cities, which are the biggest problem in terms of climate impact, are bastions for liberality. The same people who whine about global climate change are the people most responsible for it. Whoops! Did I say that?


    The main problem is going to be cost. With greed exploding beyond words, you have everyone wanting to make as much profit as possible off everything, resulting in the entire infrastructure of this country continuing to decay.

  • colloguy

    I'm more interested in being in places that are peaceful.
    Public transportation is fine, but having to listing to someone playing clips on their phone without headphones, no thanks.
    Backyard patio to enjoy the outdoors is great, but neighbors that have a dog they leave outside and it barks half the time or they blare their music, nope.
    Finding peace in our every busy and connected lives is mentally and emotionally important.