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  • OneMoreYes33a

    As miserable as the Democrats make it for this President the Repubrussians allow him to remain in control. They've lost any moral position they ever had and any aspect of fiscal responsibility. Without those two things there is no Republican party.

  • dottycharlesbanks

    All of this could have been avoided had Trump showed several years of his income tax returns, proving that he is not/had not relied on foreign leaders for loans. The tax returns would show that Trump cannot be compromised by a world leader who might blackmail him for whatever reason. With all this mystery Trump is making look like he has something to hide.

  • Andrew Lum

    This is only the begining of an endless nightmare for this Fake President !!!!

  • Ronald Bandor

    You know you work for a pretty corrupt Administration when you have to say, "we will follow the law". As opposed to what?

  • AlexaGuyer

    My goodness, what a handsome man Mr. Mnuchin is. /s No wonder he has such a smokin' hot wife. I'm sure it's not because he is a nerdy millionaire. He is in Trump's back pocket. Nerds of a feather . . .

  • molimelight

    He says that they are still being audited. The government audited and convicted and sentenced Al Capone on his taxes in the amount of time it's taking the IRS to audit Trump's taxes. And Mnuchin is a big fat liar. He sits there and expects grown adults to accept that he doesn't know whether or not Trumps tax giveaway to the rich helped him. When this creep and all of the other Trump sycophants and fixers are out of office we should burn all of the money with Mnuchin's name on it.

  • drathvedar

    Trump bragged that he hadn't paid taxes in 20 years. Is it any surprise he doesn't want his returns revealed? He figured if he got elected he wouldn't have to turn them over. That says it all.

  • The Outlier

    We demand a presidential prospect's taxes to make sure he is not on the take and that he divests himself of his CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. No, the IRS does not do that- it is not their job. It IS Congress' job to make sure that the President is conforming to the constitution and not enriching himself in office (he is absolutely enriching himself.) It should have been a red flag to any THINKING person that the first presidential candidate in recent memory to refuse to release his taxes is probably hiding something! They want Obama's notarized original birth certificate and then argue that Trump's taxes are his own business. They are not. They are all of our business.

    Whoever started the horsemanure that the IRS "already investigated" Trump's taxes is flat out lying. That is a complete falsehood.

  • Mikhail

    Donnie said his taxes were under audit? Well, his lie will become reality soon!

  • clydealan

    One thing is dead on certain. If those returns reflected anything positive about Trump we would have seen them as he was coming down the escalator.

  • Hawkman100

    Every other president thought it appropriate to release his tax returns.

    With Trump, he's got too much to hide.

  • TB

    "We'll follow the Law"

    Translation -

    "We'll stall as long as we can"

  • Cammosutra

    Trump is afraid of a lot of things. Vladimir Putin, Mueller, the truth, news media, Nancy Pelosi, Stormy with a rolled up magazine, Melania, House Democrats, the SDNY, visiting a veteran cemetery in the rain, the Saudis, Elizabeth Warren, anyone seeing his taxes, journalists, SNL, not being the center of attention, owning a dog, losing his privacy, Michael Cohen, . . . . . it's a long list.

  • mik8888

    I'm wondering if Trump will go through the courts, as a stalling move; since it is clearly mandated in the article that congress does have the right...

  • hold-the-phone


  • Chipnputt

    I doubt finding out what he's trying to hide will be a deal breaker for his hard-core base. Unless there is something illegal, which I also doubt, this will be just another talking point on a very long list.