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  • Chupacabra

    It will be difficult to tell him apart from all the other people with the same neck tattoo

  • Frank Cooper

    Be danged hard to conceal that tattoo.

  • Will Postthetruth

    "...was handcuffed behind his back and inside of a police cruiser, when he
    slipped into the driver's seat and sped off with the vehicle..."
    Were there implements in the vehicle to remove the handcuffs of did he hop on a train while cuffed as well?
    They should add this scene to a movie - whether or not it's about this guy - and then pay him for the idea.
    Of course, it's standard procedure to place an arrested person in the BACK seat, without access to the front seat or a running engine/keys!

  • justanewsreader

    Does that tattoo resemble anything on the U.S. paper currency. Don't have a bill handy, but sure look like it, or is it some satanic cult symbol?

  • justanewsreader

    A pillar of society. Hope no one gets hurt by this creep before they can put a concrete slab on top of him.

  • The Terminator

    I suspect he will be caught. Someone will spot him. Hard to miss. I also suspect that someone else will go down with him. I would think he will need help getting the cuffs off.

    Lookup the story about Bucky Phillips in NY.

    I don't know the whole story how this could happen during the 70's.

    A friend of mine was out driving around the western part of the state. He is from the east side.

    He gets pulled over and happened to have the same name as a prisoner that escaped from a state prison the day before. It turned into a felony stop. Many cops and many guns drawn.

    His parents had to drive across state with his birth certificate.

    It seemed odd to me. Photos were available in the 70's.


    Similar thing happened to me (2009). I was in the county jail for driving without a license x 3.

    Before someone blasts me I had a license. An insurance error At the time I couldn't prove it. All 9 charges were dismissed.

    Anyways, my nephew was there at the same time for a greater crime (much greater).

    I got released after midnight. The guard that was in charge of personal property had left for the night. My brother picked me up with a change of clothes. I had to come back in the morning to get my stuff.

    Wasn't a problem for me to come back. I go up to the desk and give the guard my name and tell him why I am there.

    My nephew has the same last name. He looks me up on the computer and asks me to sit over there (over there was where no one else was sitting). I'm thinking they are getting my stuff.

    5 or so cops come up to me holding photos and asked me for ID. I explained I didn't have ID because I was released after property was closed. Didn't have my release papers. They stand around looking at photos and talking to each other. It was clear they thought I was someone else.

    They finally asked me if I knew my (nephews name here). I answered, "Yes, he's my brother's kid.". They looked at the photos again. They explained what was going on. They thought I was the nephew. The guard at the desk thought I escaped.

    I laughed it off. As did the cops. I'm sure the guard at the desk was embarrassed. I look nothing like my nephew.


  • Robert Merritt

    This is a highly skilled criminal and the authorities need a better plan for when they catch him. He's going to be problem in a regular jail environment.

  • Don'tBotherMe

    If you're going to spend your life running from the law it would seem to be wise not to have a giant distinguishable neck tattoo. Idiot.

  • The Terminator

    Imagine this guy handcuffed with his hands behind his back driving the car. His teeth must be real.

    My guess the cops were outside the car and left it running.

    Then the next question, how did he get from the backseat to the front seat? Must not have a shield between front and back. Or left the back doors unlocked.

    Ran into the tree in a turn because he lost sight of the road while turning.

    I don't know how this car is equipped. Police cars around here have a shotgun attached to the dashboard. I guess it would be hard to aim and pull the trigger.

  • The_Splurge

    He will probably end up in a Supermax for this.

  • Flipper 6666

    That's nothing. There was a local (Daytona) story the other day where a girl was arrested, cuffed and put in the back of a patrol car. She got them to open a back window (barred) because it was hot. Somehow she managed to get out and run. The thing was, there was a cop sitting in the front seat and he never realized that she escaped. It took two days to find her.

  • Prophet With Honor


  • Jon

    Why bother escaping when you have a distinctive tattoo?