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  • Gumby

    Facebook is going to pay for this - it was a greedy and arrogant thing to do. They should be fully informing their users about what/how user data is going to be used, and to whom it might be provided. I'm not saying they violated any laws, but kudos to the Eastern District of New York for initiating the investigation.

  • 2 Tango - SP Augie

    I have a FB "friend" that posts just about everything, every day. Just on one post of her walking her dog, I could tell she's married, her license plate, her address, what town she lives in, she's not a true blonde, etc... Yet these same type of folks are pizzed that FB is sharing data.... gimme a break

  • justanewsreader

    Also, find it rather pathetic that large corporations need to rely on FB for advertising. B.S. Leave that crap to the Kardashians and other "cosmetic millionaires" to peddle their junk.

  • MandalayBay328

    Sorry - but when you broadcast everything in your life on social media from what you had for breakfast, the preceding bowel movement from said breakfast to the live birth of your child - how can you possibly expect "privacy"?

    Wanna keep your info private? Stay off public social sites and keep your personal business to yourself. Send a group email with photos attached if you need to share news with your family - worked just fine for me back in the late 90s - early 2000's.

  • justanewsreader

    Its about time this vile company got investigated. There are so many possible "conspiracies" that can evolve from this - all dealing with FB "conspiring" to invade the privacy, and distribute private information of individuals to third parties without the consent of the users. They are vile, evil crooks and need to go to jail and FB, and other similar companies, need to be shuttered and closed for good (because of evil).

  • Marcus Colone

    "Facebook, which has more than 2.2 billion users" You forgot to finish that sentence.

    "Facebook, which has more than 2.2 billion users, at least 30% of which are fake."

    There. Fixed it.

  • notagain

    Wouldn't bother me in the least if all social media was shut down. There's far too much illegal activity and hate/fear mongers. People need to start talking face to face again.

  • Tony

    All the owners of data mining operations should be in PRISON. What is happening to FREEDOM in America?
    Our own govt, used 9-11 to start the Patriot act.Now Google, facebook etc are data mining children. This needs to stop!