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  • Kenneth Sousa

    I believe it is impolite to go out in public while shutting out everyone around you. Even when I am on a call, I acknowledge passersby with a hello, or at least a nod and a smile. Civility improves society for everyone.

  • FleurdiLisa

    In my city it's not about starring at your phone, it's about drivers who think traffic laws don't apply to them. Twice in the last week I was almost hit by a car when the driver decided to run a red light while I was in the cross walk. Both times I was either able to run back to the curb or sprint to the other side, but barely. The second time happened yesterday evening - and the driver inexplicably got mad at me and honked the horn and yelled all sorts of lovely names. I just "love" getting blamed for someone else's mistake.

  • Dicazi

    And what about the jaywalkers?
    What saves them?

  • thenitenurse

    I hate that so many of us walk around without noticing the world and the people around us. I'd rather spend my time in the real world then in screen world.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Almost daily I see some phone zombie have a near miss in a parking lot or crossing the street.

  • Grrrrrr

    They should call them "Idiot lights".