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  • Cammosutra

    If, as reported, the pilots do not even know some of these systems are on this plane, much less how to control them, it seems we are rapidly approaching a passenger jet flying for dummies situation. Better training is needed.

    Planes are more complex now, but there is no reason flight crew should not know every control and how do turn them off and actually fly the plane in an unusual situation or emergency. There is no reason every control should not be explained in a manual. Then comes the question of why these pilots should have had to "do" anything unusual on this flight. And does anyone know if a Boeing 737 Max requires a flight engineer in the cockpit? (guessing not)

  • gordo53

    I wouldn't let anyone from the US touch the black boxes. The French are perfectly capable of analyzing the data without NTSB "help".

  • Tom K

    "...perhaps because they were unaware of how to do so."

    What the !@# ?

  • disqus_oc25MR5ull

    With regards to the 1st crash..

    From what i have read the pilots should have recognized a runaway stabilizer and that the computer was trying to push down the nose. And that there is a procedure to follow to disable the power (flipping a switch I believe) and to regain manual control of the aircraft. Apparently the same thing happened the day before and the pilots were able to disable the system and fly the plane manually.

    And if the MCAS system was trying to push the nose down due to it getting incorrect information from a faulty or incorrectly installed sensor, isnt that on the maintenance crew? Wasnt that a problem in 4 previous days. If a mechanic installs the altimeter backwards you cant fault the computer for trying to fly the plane upside down.

    Finally, I dont think Boeing is working on a software "fix". I think they are writing code which will address the lack of skill or experience some pilots have when it comes to dealing with these situations. The pilot doesnt really need to know which particular part of the system is trying to crash the plane. All he has to know is how to turn of the system and fly manually...which was in the manual.

  • Smedley

    I'm surprised that there apparently isn't a manual override for the MCAS system.

  • Viv Louise

    Where are they parking the planes if their last flight was not to the airline's hub?

  • Dicazi

    There were US pilots that reported problems similar to what caused the original plane to crash.
    But those were swept under the rug.
    Hidden. And a software solution was planned.
    It's ultimately going to cost Boeing a heckuva lot more money in the long run that a warning sent out immediately would have cost.
    Money and reputation, which is a lot harder to regain.

  • WGS

    wonder if trump's buying up any particular stock after his comments?

  • comments1

    If we can agree that in the case like this of a very low probability but extremely high cost event we need to ground the planes, maybe there is another thing we can agree on.

    Nuclear WW III caused by Trump is also a very low probability (hopefully) but extremely high cost event. I'm thinking it would best to ground him too.

  • TexWho

    It is a software patch. They have to wait on Windows Update.

  • Eteamer

    Pilots are not there just to look at the blinking lights. No plane design should be too hard for a human to fly so they need a computer to fly it. This is all on Boeing.

  • Prophet With Honor

    A friend who has been flying for nearly 50 years and is qualified on everything from gliders to multi-engine jets says automation is nice, but it is not a substitute for human control at critical times.

  • Bluejay

    I bet the acting goof in charge of the FAA only flies on his private jet. Trump's kind of "best people" (rich and clueless)

  • stamped human bacon

    Regardless of whether or not the MCAS proves at fault in this 2nd crash, I just find it odd that an aircraft design engineer, known for using redundant systems, would employ a single sensor to determine such a critical flight control characteristic.

    Part of Boeing's 'fix' adds these redundant sensors. Whoops.

  • Bluejay

    Is this another Trump appointee that has no idea about the job he was given?

  • Wildkitty

    Has anyone wondered WHY Donald DOES NOT have Senate approved Directors in charge of many Government agencies??

    'Acting' Directors DO NOT need Senate approval - and so, Donald has decided that HIS WILL BE DONE by having 'unqualified' people in places which are supposed to answerable to 'We, the People'.

    Donald is deploying the 'Dictator's Playbook' in all aspects of his position - and he IS NOT living up to the Oath of Office which he 'swore to God' to respect and protect!