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  • Monique Say

    What are you talking about the two accusers have received zero dollars, and will not receive any dollars. They have an appeal going on for 1.5 billion dollars, what is that about? Who do you think your fooling. They are low level extortionist who day is coming.

  • danielle

    everytime MJ is mentioned, it is a PC minefield the size of Montana.

  • pete mancini

    I don't think his accusers are lying, But How do you lay all this on this guy once he dies? People are making millions off this and he can't defend himself. It's almost like ,Wait a few years after this celebrity dies and we all will get rich off a terribly wrong situation that "maybe" happened.

  • Compassion4all

    Crazy. I don't know if MJ was a child molester or not. But he did admit in court to having sleep-overs with young boys. That in itself is a serious lapse in judgement on Michael's part.

  • threehundredthousand

    They shouldn't have been put up in the first place. Just wrong.