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  • ArghONaut

    Making teenagers felons for bad decisions is very Right and increasingly very American where sensitivities, intelligence, and measured judgement rarely intersect.

  • Troyal

    Seems like we have a national emergency of kids being really really unintelligent. Maybe we should pass a law banning cell phones until you’re 18.

  • travis Dejesus

    Get em, schools warn students about this all of the time! They know it's child porn, yet they don't believe they have to listen to the law, so make an example of them and send them to prison.

  • RG

    Only 6%?

  • EvilAtheist

    Never, NEVER write anything down or take a picture of ANYTHING you wouldn't mind being shown/read in open court.

  • Billie Bob Norton

    My late husband would take and share nude pix of me when we were dating in HS. I thought I was pretty and so did he. Later I learned that he sold the nuddies for beer money. It's not such a new thing to take nuddies and show them. Only today they call them "selfies".

  • BluntNotPC

    "but Hill says the district hasn't pushed for criminal prosecutions." The school shouldn't have a say in the charges... It's a FEDERAL crime to transmit child porn by any electronic means. I doubt they were sharing photographs printed on paper in this day and age.

  • Robert Holt

    You can have a secret and decide that you're only going to tell one person that you trust but then that one person turns around and blabs it to everybody.

  • turtlemouth

    Child porn laws weren't meant to be applied to teens looking at pictures of other teens. Seems like overreach by DA's looking to pad their conviction rates.

  • BuCCy

    Glad we didn't have social media back in the day. Anyone remember polaroids?

  • Don'tBotherMe

    When are girls (and perhaps boys) going to realize that a nude selfie sent over the internet is out there forever. FOREVER. No one who truly likes you would ever request you send a naked picture of yourself. Please think twice before acting on taking nude pictures and sending them.

  • Bernard Sandan

    Hey we were all born and came to this world naked and we burn our bodies when we die and turn to ashes , what's the f^%&#@$ big deal ?
    It's all flesh anyways...

  • justanewsreader

    Go for it. Bring charges as needed, regardless of age and put an end to it for those involved.