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  • notorious

    'When Whelan traveled again last December to Moscow, according to his family to attend a wedding, he asked the Russian friend to bring him photographs of the spring trip.'

    Why not send them over the internets instead?

    He travels twice in one year to Russia?

    Why doesn't Trump have much to say about this?

  • Prophet With Honor

    He's a phony living out fantasies. That made him a perfect dupe.

  • BIABx2

    Surely Trump will demand his release...any minute now...

  • BluntNotPC

    Holds at least 5 passports....
    Former military who had (has?) a clearance...
    There is a list of places one is advised not to go... the shorter list is where one CAN travel outside of the USA. His passports cover about a third to half.

  • mountainlady

    Not exactly a sterling character. I think it would be better if he stands trial. But then if he's a Trump plant the administration might be scrambling to cover this up.

  • LaShawn Vandersluis

    Trump is in on this

  • Mr Wayne

    Stay out of Countries who are hostile to the US.

  • 2 Tango - SP Augie

    Not on my bucket list: Russia, NK, Venezuela, Mexico or any Middle Easter location.


    He more than likely was setup. Planting fake evidence to convict someone of a crime is an old KGB tactic.

    Considering Russia's anger about their little spy girl Maria Butina being caught, it makes sense that they would decide to retaliate.